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Currently Not Being Worked On

I am sorry to say that I do not currently have time to work on this project anymore.

I may pick it up again in the future, but I couldn't say when.

You do not have my permission to use my code, please do not ask.


If the changelog states any changes the config, delete your old DT config before complaining.


Intro & Description

Dungeon Tactics is a gameplay focused mod. Adding new types of melee weapons, new ranged weapons, and new tiers of armour and tools. Aswell as craftable traps to help you defend your base. Along with Towers and randomly generated Dungeons. All that and some other fun things.

Whether you want to be a great adventurer, or the dungeon lord they want to defeat, DT aims to help you play your role the way you want,

I have tried to keep it in the feel of Minecraft, rather than attempt to change the game on a large scale, but add some new ways to play. This is not and end-game mod, but aims to add variety to the game.
I aim to make sure things work as intended before adding anything new, so please report any bugs you find.

As a fan of RogueLike games, I'm deliberately going to keep information obtuse and you'll just have to work it out for yourself. So, please read the description and/or in-game info books before complaining that you don't know how something works, because stupid questions will be ignored and that makes me smile.

-This list is pretty long now, have fun scrolling-

Current Features:


Various melee weapons
Rare weapons with right-click abilities.
Battleaxes and Vanilla Axes have a chance to drop the target's head (works on vanilla mobs and players)
Glaive has extended reach
Shields in all supported materials - right-click to block, or press the keybind on an entity to shield bash
Studded Leather armour - More durable than leather, with armour toughness
Plate Armour - Costs less resources, but offers less protection
Weapon Imbuement - Poison your blades with flowers by throwing them in a cauldron
Throwing Knives - because throwing sharp things is a great idea
Slingshot - uses various ammo types, such as seeds and small rocks
Thrown grenades - can also be dispensed (Explosive, Fire, Teleporting, and Cryo) - you need a flint and steel, to light the fuse, to throw them
Potshot - uses PotShot Ammo, projectile effect based on enchantments
Heart drops - drops from creatures and hostiles, heals a small amount when picked up. Can be bottled and crafted into Heart of Gold for semi-permanent absorption hearts
Unique Items - Non-craftable 'legendary' loot. These items are rare to find, but carry more interesting effects than typical equipment - can be repaired with bottled experience


Magic Tether - sneak+use to teleport to your bed
Bone Charms - remove stated debuff when used - can be right-clicked or used similarly to Trinkets
Trinket Rings - When enchanted and activated, they grant the user a variety of abilities, at the cost of hunger (activated with a keybind, needs to be in one of the first four slots of inventory)
Phylactery - will consume itself to save you from death - requires some XP levels - dropped by WitherBoss
Bag of Hoarding - portable Ender Chest
Duct Tape - Repairs the item in your other hand, requires 1 experience per use - The 'Duct-taped' enchant is just a visual representation and is removed when the item is repaired at an anvil
Hammers - Although intended for combat, hammers can be used to crush cobble into gravel, and gravel into some common resources
Portable Tunnelling Device - Mines in a 3x3x1 (sneak to mine 1x1x1) - right-click blocks to tunnel (requires Gunpowder) - place in dispenser (with Sonic Boom enchant) for ghetto block breaker
Piston Glove (normal and sticky) - It's a portable piston - only moves one block, by design
Wrench - used to rotate blocks, such as pistons or fans - good for picking up redstone stuff and rails - sneak & use on a trap plate to hide it, also used to reset triggered traps
Master Weapons - Each one allows you to use one of a variety of weapon abilities (some abilities require you to use your weapon on a target, others do not)
Engineers Dungarees - nullify the effects of traps to make building with them easier, not great as armour
Rocket Pants - Requires Gunpowder (activated with keybind)
Flight Goggles - Allows better control of Rocket Pants (hold keybind) - For best result, wear Elytra
Bounce Boots - Bouncy Bouncy, Oh such a good time, Bouncy Bouncy, Shoes all in a line


Obsidian Bricks - can be moved by pistons
Dungeon Glass - Generates in Towers, blocks most light
Wither Web - It's like a net... That wants to kill you
Powered Bars - Don't pee on it
Grinder Block - Grinds ores to dust, drops output behind or into adjacent inventory
Fan Block - Pushes entities, extinguishes fires, and blows away dust - stronger push if there is another fan behind
Flamer Block - Deals fire damage based on distance to entities within range - can light fires, heat furnaces, brewing stands, and cauldrons, and ignite explosives
Barrel - 9 slot container that you can drop items directly into - just about the right size for a chicken
Iron Lanturn - provides light
Magic Lanturn - prevents mobs entering a radius around it
Brazier - used to burn Soul Gems
Chairs and Cushions - for sitting
Tables - for tabling
Radio - for sweet jams
Powder Keg - Highly flammable, highly fun
Caltrops - plain pointy or pointy and poisoned, cheap and cheerful
Trap Plates - Various effects, pretty obvious by name - or you can step on it to find out what it does - can be reset and hidden with a wrench
Climbing Rope - Hangs down, for easy descension.
Guardian Alter - Non-craftable, spawns atop towers - place a skull on top to spawn the Tower Guardian

Alchemy and Magic:

Alchemical Cauldron - used for crafting certain items (read the dungeonpedia alchemy volume in game) - make sure to light a fire below it, add the ingredients (and water if needed) and tap the cauldron with a spoon (spade), or you can put flowers in it and dip your weapon of choice to coat it in poison - can also hold lava
Cherry Bombs - Found on bushes above ground
Incindiberries - Found on bushes below ground
Glowcurrent - Found on bushes in the nether
Berries can be eaten, dispensed, or used as Slingshot ammo, they are also used to craft certain resources in a cauldron
Magic Powder - drops from witches and evokers or crafted in a cauldron, used as reagent for casting all spell scrolls
Magic Pouch - allows you to hold a lot more magic powder
Magic Scroll - Enchant it at an enchanting table - right-click to normal use, sneak+right-click to secondary use - most effects will do something slightly different on secondary use, such as ignoring other players
Mage Affinity enchantment - each piece of armour enchanted with Mage Affinity will reduce the cast cost of spells


Tower Guardian - Deals additional magic damage at higher difficulties - Place a skull on the alter, after a moment, the arena will be spawned, where you will fight the Tower Guardian

World Gen:
Flowers - Not just pretty, spread like mushrooms when placed on farmland
Ore Mushrooms - grind in a Mortar & Pestle to get dust
Mob Towers - Generated in Overworld and Nether
Randomly generated Dungeons - Generated in Overworld and Nether (these are still being worked on)
Wizard Towers
Pirate Ships
Traveller's Waggon
Mini Fort
Nether Gold Ore - it's where the Pigmen get all their sweet loots
Overworld Quartz - it's Quartz ore, but in the Overworld - rarer spawn chance than Nether Quartz
End Diamond - Diamond Ore that spawns in The End, somewhat common
End Lapis - Lapis Ore that spawns in The End, somewhat common


Potion Fish - Intended as an early game alternative to potions
Milk Bottles - stackable milk, because buckets are a pain

Flour - because crafting wheat together is bumb
Food Rations - Crafted from rotten flesh, making it a more viable food source - Standard Ration can still make you sick - Iron Ration has a high chance to give resistance - Gold Ration has a high chance to restore some health
Spidereye Soup - Has a chance to give a random effect (based on effects Spiders can spawn with), can also poison you
Loot Bags - Drops a catagory of loot - uses json loot tables for customisability
Ore Clusters - Allows for fortune on Iron and Gold (aswell as some ores added by other mods) automatically assigns smelting output, but this can be overridden or disabled in the config - Can be smelted directly or 'washed' in a cauldron for dust.
Iron Chain Links - allows crafting of Chainmail Armour
Cryo effect increase all damage taken for a short time. This effect stacks. (I usually pair the effect with slowness too)
Smelting enchantment - smelt as you mine
Berserking enchantment - deal up to 5 bonus damage when wearing less armour
Runed enchantment - converts a portion of physical damage into magical damage
Life Steal enchantment - as the name suggests, causes you to toot rainbows...
Cake can be picked up (mined) if it has not been eaten
Food heals for a small amount, based on hunger restored - this can be disabled in the config
Invisibility removes armour - this can be disabled in the config
Creeper chains - it's like a daisy chain, but explosions (can be disabled in the config)
Bonemeal can now be used to grow Cactus, Sugarcane, Netherwart, and Chorus Flowers, as well as produce Pumpkins and Melons from their respective stems, and spread Mushrooms on Mycelium
Various convenience recipes
Custom Advancements
Config options
I have added some of my items to chest loot
My mob drops respect the doMobLoot gamerule
My explosions respect the mobGreifing gamerule
My structures respect the world settings

Role-Play Purposes:
Right-clicking a ladder will 'quick-climb' (teleport) you to the top or bottom (opposite of the end you clicked)
Dispensers can use weapons, shear sheep, milk cows, and fill/empty cauldrons
You can now swap equipped armour by right-clicking with an armour piece in hand
3D weapon models.
These features can be disabled in the config
Side note, the information book(s) is deliberately obtuse - if you have actually read this description, consider yourself in on the joke


Future Plans:

Improvements to structures
More weapons and traps
Dungeon Dimension
Other fun things


Hit the jump for my Twitter for the odd post about what I am working on, or make suggestions for the mod... And other nonsense: JUMP PAD 

You may use Dungeon Tactics in your modpack, if you have read the description and give credit where applicable.
If you think you have found a bug or issue, make sure you are using the latest version and have read the description BEFORE sending me a bug report.
I am regularly tweaking and balancing, as well as trying new ideas, so check back from time to time.
I am also welcome to your suggestions.