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Levinide is a Huge Mod which adds a ton of Everything

Levinide Adds Everything from New Dungeons to New Crazy Bosses

The Goal of this Mod is to have a totally new Experience while playing Minecraft

Levinide is still in 0.4.x Beta and already has 500+ New Features Added

Currently on this Modpage Some of the Features are shown

As of Update 0.4.3 There are currently 30+ New Weapons Pictures Below will show some of those.

 Dummies to test Damage:


 A Whole New Faction of Mobs and Bosses:

-20+ New Mobs

-Many new Armors and Weapons

-New Enchanting System

-New Special Blocks and Crafting Stations

-Special Items, Cosmetics and More

-Many New Structures


When using JEI, you get special tooltips on how to get different items



Click on the picture above, select plan(recommended at least 4GB), use my code Cursed to get 25% off your first month and enjoy playing with your friends! 

Join My Discord to chat and enjoy!




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