Natural Baby Animals

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This description applies to version 1.1.3 of the mod

This simple mod will make some animals spawn as babies. By default about half the animals and 1/4th of Villagers will be baby. 

Baby animals have random age so will take more / less time than others to grow.


The mod can run on Server only. It's not needed on the client (unless you play singleplayer)

The mod is fully configurable

Configuration File:

# Configuration file

general {
    # Maximum random value to set the animals' age
    # 1200 is one minute to grow up. 24000 is 20 minutes
    #  (default: 24000)

    # Minium random value to set the animals' age (default: 6000)

    # List of mobs that can spawn as baby and chance for them to become baby
    # The format is modid:entityname,percentagechance. Get to a new line to add more mobs
    #  (default: [minecraft:chicken,50.0, minecraft:pig,50.0, minecraft:cow,50.0, minecraft:sheep,50.0, minecraft:mooshroom,50.0, minecraft:villager,25.0])
    S:mobs_chance <

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Don't download this mod from any other website than Curse or the Twitch app. It might be scam and might harm your PC. Check for more infos.


This mod WASN'T made with MCreator


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