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This is a magic mod about Totem Poles, nature and the power of music.

The main focus lies on Totem Poles. They can give passive boons to players nearby, but more importantly, they are the central piece of Ceremonies: Dancing around a Totem Pole and playing various musical instruments to invoke strong effects and manipulate the world.


To get started exploring the mod's content, craft yourself a Totempedia with this recipe:

(with any kind of wood)



You are free to include the mod in a modpack.



Sunconure11 for textures, models and many ideas

Dylan Kaizer for creating lots of textures for the mod

Nefilto for the Totem Pole models

Kerri Lake for the Flute sounds, slightly changed in pitch and cut from overblow.mp3, used under CC BY 3.0.

Kirindave, Wayoftime, Joshie and Emoniph helped with code and ideas back in the day

Poppycocks for the whittling knife texture

Vazkii for most of the Totempedia code, based on Botania

wiiv for the tipi model

BigBadChris for the logo

CyanideX for the wind chime model


We have a discord channel! Join us at this link:


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