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 This mod not maintained by me anymore. I do not mod Minecraft anymore. Keeping it up as it is functional and there is usage in older packs, but I do not respond to any messages.

If any issues are found, please report them at https://github.com/Malorolam/LootBags

When reporting issues, provide both config files.  If there is a crash, also include the game output log.  More detail is always better, if I'm missing information the first thing I'm going to ask is for that information.

State of Lootbags: (Please read before messaging me)

First off, apologies for vanishing for quite a long while. Restructuring your life tends to cause things to fall to the wayside.

The current state of the mod is unfortunately a giant mess. I left in the middle of several major improvements and tweaks and because of that a) modded Minecraft as a whole has left me behind a bit and b) the mod has been in a state of several outstanding issues for far too long. My original goal as I have in my notes is to rewrite some of the internal parts of the mod to solve the most egregious dupe bugs and glitches in a more complete way, but I have lost the thread of how I actually intended to do so. Additionally, other aspects of the mod have apparently broken somehow, primarily resource packs and custom bags.

So I ultimately have decisions to make. Do I pick up where I left off, provide fixes where needed to allow pack makers to use the mod without issue? Do I just declare as end of life for 1.12.2 and move on to 1.15/1.16? Do I even want to continue working on this mod, or any mod in general? And thus the conundrum that has maintained my silence for longer than needed.

My decisions are as such:
1) 1.12.2 and earlier versions are all now end of life. I will not be providing any further support to the mod, and instead focus on the future, in updating the mod for current versions of the game and working through to realize other mod ideas that I have accumulated.
2) I would like to state that my code is, and always has been, visible source so that others can easily learn how to accomplish similar coding goals, or at least see how to not do something. Furthermore, I give all permission to reuse 1.12.2 and earlier code as an initial code base to produce similar mods for earlier versions of Minecraft. The current license ends with, any further versions of my mods will use the MIT License.
3) I currently have no plans to continue Lootbags. For one, I don't know what state the Minecraft codebase is in, and if portions of the mod, primarily how pulling the loot tables to build the general table, are still possible. For two, Lootbags was originally designed to serve a very specific purpose, that is to allow for dungeon loot to be obtained in skyblock packs. With an abundance of mods for pack authors to do that very thing in a variety of new ways, Lootbags' original purpose has been heavily diluted, which prompted me to incorporate greater progression into the mod without any real plan or direction. One of my major driving motivations for modding is to create things with an explicit purpose and design that are either different or better, and I stand by that. Lootbags in it's current state from my point of view is neither of those, and such I will withdraw from the mod for a time to re-evaluate it.




Lootbags is a mod which adds bags that drop other items. It is heavily configurable through its two config files, in which the wiki on GitHub contains more information on using the configs. By default, the mod is configured for a total of 16 bags with both typical bags and "secret" bags which only spawn in certain conditions. The typical bags drop portions of the vanilla world gen loot tables, with rarer bags relating to more consistent rare loot.


The mod includes a loot recycler block which will consume items that are dropped by loot bags, and once a certain value (determined by which bag the recycler is configured to create and a scaling factor) it will create a new lootbag that can be pulled out by any typical modded method of removing items from an inventory. Items can similarly be pumped into the block.

Bags can be opened automatically using the Bag Opener, which supports the insert/extract one would expect.

In 1.12.2, replacing and augmenting the previous crafting system to convert between bags, is the Bag Storage.  This block will accept any bag from an auto-generated import list based off of parameters in the bag config, converting that bag into an appropriate value and allows for the extraction of a bag from the auto-generated export list.  This bag can be cycled using a gui button and will retain that output choice for automatic removal of the chosen bag.  This block will save it's inventory when broken.


Additionally, the mod includes several commands to make using the mod easier. lootbags_itemdump will create a text file in a folder called dumps in your minecraft instance, which contains a list of every item in the general loot table as well as every item every bag can drop, along with those item's weights and rough drop chances. lootbags_identifysources will create a dump file which lists every loot source registered in Forge, every loot source that provides loot to the general loot table, every loot source that has a bag in its list (at least from this mod), and a list of every enchantment. lootbags_dumphelditem will create a dump file which holds a single whitelist entry for the currently held item, including its nbt data.  lootbags_inventorydump works much like the previous command, except it will generate entries for the entire inventory in one go.  lootbags_reloadconfig will reload both configs as well as all bags and loot tables, so that pack makers do not need to reload the game for small config changes. This command is not intended as a bypass for issues with other mods that manipulate custom items or loot sources, as it is not designed to be usable indefinitely without any memory leaks.


If you want to contact me directly, PMing me through Curse or GitHub is the most reliable way to do so. 


My Github page has documentation and tutorials for the config files, they can be found here.


90% of the issues that result in missing textures, localized names, or bag loot tables is caused by an issue with the bag config file.  If these issues are showing up and you haven't edited the two config files then deleting the two Lootbags config files (lootbags.cfg and lootbags_BagConfig.cfg) and running the game again will fix the problem.


There is very detailed output log information available.  By default it will only output major errors, but enabling Verbose Mode and Debug Mode in the lootbags.cfg will aid greatly in debugging custom bag issues.


Every so often I will tweak the default bag config information or how the config parsing works, this usually causes some small issue with existing bag configs.  Deleting the configs, allowing them to be created again, and re-applying any changes will fix the problems.



You can use this in modpacks provided that I am credited and either this page is included in the modpack information.  If the pack is created through Curse, this is automatically done.