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Simply use 3 HeadCrumbs Skulls to create withers with the skins of your favorite minecraft players!

This mod requires HeadCrumbs!!


Example withers:

Custom Wither


 You can also add custom item drops for withers based on their username they are representing. A sample CustomWithers.json is below:

    "DropItem":{"id":"minecraft:stone_sword","Count":1,"tag":{"display":{"Name":"Best sword evaaaaa!"}}}

 Do note that this follows normal json format so you are able to add as many username entries as you want by simply separating them with commas as you would normal do for a json format. Also note that the value for "DropItem" is both in json and nbt format, so structure it as you would to include all needed nbt content and make sure it passes json formats as well.