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I have been asked multiple times lately if Mini Moo will be updated, this is my explanation about that. Currently my company (the one I own and manage) has a lot of things happening and requires my full attention, I have been working on somethings and been waiting on the new Forge for the new versions of Minecraft to try and update this mod. Although I intend on updating it, I cannot guarantee I will. I would like to apoligize to everyone that uses this mod and is waiting for an updated version.

A mod that adds mini cows, they can be milked for fluids and have their stats enhanced. 
It is based on the mod Moo Fluids but takes a different approach. Cows from Moo Fluids can be converted if both mods are installed.


This mod requires Yet Another Core to function. (Version 2.1+)





Minecraft 1.10.2


  • Fluid Moos that can have any fluid (has long as it can be put into a bucket)
  • Demon & Sacred Moos, they give items to increase the stats of fluid moos
  • Forsaken Moos give items to breed Scared & Demon moos. (Version 1.3)
  • Moos will not spawn in Mushroom islands to prevent problems with Mooshrooms. (Version 1.4.3)
  • Mini Wheat can be used to breed fluid moos, made with wheat and blaze powder (Breed from Version 1.3 on)
  • Fluid Moos can be healed with Golden Apples
  • Fluids can have their spawn rate configured
  • The fluid dimension is adapted based on a known fluid database, if the mod can't find it, it will use the following rules: (Version 1.3)
    • Fluid Temperatures below water (300) only spawn in the end
    • Fluid Temperatures above or equal to lava (1300) only spawn in the nether
    • Fluid Temperatures between those two spawn in the overworld.
  • Demon Moo spawn in the nether and Sacred Moo in the overworld. (They are different entities from the fluid moo)
  • Forsaken Moo spawns in the end. (Version 1.3)
  • The Spawn rates of the Special moos can be ajusted on the config (Version 1.3)
  • The spawn rate of fluid moos can be ajusted by dimension (Version 1.4.3)
  • The max stats can be configured
  • There is a gamerule "spawnMiniMoos" that can be used to turn off their spawn.
  • The max delay and if they spawn ready to be milked can also be configured
  • The Fool Moo can be turned off or on (Feature inspired by foolcraft)
  • The Fool Moo rate is configurable (Version 1.3)
  • Boss moos can be turned off or on (Version 1.3)
  • Halloween Moos spawn frequently on October (Version 1.3)
  • Halloween Moos can be turn off (Version 1.3)
  • Halloween Moos can spawn all year but in a much lower rate (Version 1.3)
  • Fluid Moos are named based on their fluids
  • Fluid Moo Catalogue to help keep track of the moos you have (Version 1.3)
  • Removes duplicated moos, will spam a "skipping entity with id" warning, should stop spamming after the world gets clean of duplicated moos (Version 1.4)

Note, some fluids might not spawn independently of the configuration, this is because they can't generate a bucket or non-bugged bucket with that fluid.

Tinker's Construct

  • Allows cows to be breed to give alloy fluids
  • Alloy fluids can be disabled from spawning in the world

Mine Factory Reloaded

  • Works with the Rancher, the fluids go directly into the tank of the rancher (it doesn't work with buckets)
  • The rancher integration can be turned off
  • A harvest penalty can be turned on (With the penalty moos take twice as long to be ready when using a rancher)
  • Exact Copies will now function properly (Version 1.3)
  • Exact Copies can be turned off (Version 1.3)
  • Exact Copies may fail (Chance is configurable, Default is 25% of failure) (Version 1.3)
  • Exact Copies can or not copy stats (This is configurable, default they will not copy quantity and efficiency stats) (Version 1.3)

Mine Addons

  • Sacred Moo can be turned into a Demon Moo with cursed water
  • Demon Moo can be turned into a Sacred Moo with sacred water
  • Forsaken Moo can be turned into a Demon Moo with cursed water (Version 1.3)
  • Forsaken Moo can be turned into a Sacred Moo with cursed water (Version 1.3)

Moo Fluids

  • Prevents Fluid Cows from spawning
  • Converts any Fluid Cows that are already in the world into Fluid Moos
  • When converting it will allow any fluid, without checking if it could be obtained naturally in a fluid moo


  • Allows you to see the information about the moos
  • Information can now be turned off in the config (Version 1.3)

Avaritia (Version 1.3)

  • The avaritia expansion can be turned off or on (comes on by default)
  • Will register a new fluid called "Liquified Neutronium"
  • This fluid won't spawn naturally
  • You will have to feed pile of neutron to a fluid moo in order to get this new fluid
  • (WITH TINKERS) This fluid can be cast in a basin into a Neutronium Block (They take a long time to cast and require 6 buckets of the fluid)

Iskallium Reactor (Version 1.4)

  • The iskallium reactor expansion can be turned off (comes off by default)
  • Will register a new fluid called "Liquid Iskallium"
  • This fluid won't spawn naturally
  • You will have to feed iskallium essence to a fluid moo in order to get this new fluid
  • (WITH TINKERS) This fluid can be cast in a basin into a Iskallium Block


Mod Spotlights

A Spotlight from MrSoizes



Feel free to use this mod in any modpack as long as you provide credits and a link to this project.

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