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ToroQuest is a Minecraft mod which adds new entities, structures, dungeons, and civilizations to your world. With ToroQuest installed, your world will have new and exciting dangers to discover and quests to undertake.


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Modpack Usage

Please feel free to include ToroQuest in any modpack.  No need to ask for permission.


Change Log


Version 3.5

- Hotbar Transparency Glitch:

- Config Health and Damage Multiplier for the bosses: -
- ToroQuest Mobs Won't Spawn:
- Sentry appears in the nether:
- Crash With Modern Warfare Mod:


Version 3.3

- added a config option to make custom entities have more specific names to improve compatibility: 

- added Brazilian Portuguese translation

- added config option to enable and disable reputation adjustments based off animals and crops 

- improved badge placement


Version 3.2

- Bugfix


Version 3.0
- Improved Guard and Sentry Aggro AI

- Bugfix

- New Items (Spicy Chicken, Sword of Pain, Pickaxe of Greed)

- Food can now be turned into the Village Lord for rep

- Removing donation blocks

- Added a configuration option for Toro attack damage and health

- Added a configuration option for structure generation chance

- Added Potions of Loyalty and Royalty used to create Village Lords and Guards from zombie villagers

- Sentries now have colored armor based on which civilization they are a member of



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