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 This is a mod to add pirates and pirate related blocks and Items to the game.


 New Features:

Pirates spawn with weapons and ranks!
Warning: Please clear out your old configs, as

the option for pirate ship spawning is now in percentage

Captain: Spawns with a custom sword + shield


Cutlass + dagger - normal pirates


Watch out for these guys:


New Loot!








Telescope - a fully upgradable piece of equipment to see far away things better.


Rum - Gives you health boost and absorption. Can be used five times, and is made in a barrel with a bucket of water and 5 sugar.




Ship's Bell - Plays a sound to all players in 32 blocks.


Railing - Decorative


Ratlines - ladder alternative


Cell - adds a way hold entities in a block.


Cannon - shoots a cannon ball


Boat Sling- hauls up a row boat and stores it. (Insanely useful With Davinci's Vessels)



World Gen:

Ghost Ships - Semi transparent structures that spawn in oceans.

Beware Ghost Pirates




Ghost Pirates- Can only be seen under the moon. Guards Ghost ships.


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