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Zombie Players



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- When a player dies, a zombie player that looks like them will spawn in their place.
- Zombie Player will wander back home, trying to resume normal activity of what it once was
- Can open doors (configurable)
- Zombie Players spawned from the death of a player will try to work with chests as if it remembers what it used to do (configurable)

- Can spawn naturally in the world like zombies, using a configured player list (configurable)

- Can be calmed and used to help defend your base.


 Calming / Taming

- Right clicking or throwing the zombie player any food (except rotten flesh) will remind it of more civilized times in its life and calm down, assisting you in combat.

- Needs a piece of food every 3 MC days to keep them calm, or they might turn on you, they will get cranky and noisy as they get closer to turning.

- Toss them some items and armor to help them survive better.

- They will avoid picking fights with mobs if their health is low. You'll know if their health is low by the redstone particles above their head constantly. Tossing them more meat will heal them. 

- Can heal from food in nearby chests if set to with chest item right click, limit of 4 chests.

- Can be leashed to pull around.


Controlling calm zombie with Items

- Right click with empty hand: toggle follow owner.

- Right click with empty hand while crouching: toggle between wandering or staying at exact home position, handy for setting them up to guard a spot.

- Right click with bed: sets their home position, so they stay around that area, more clicks adjusts the range or removes

- Right click with note block: silence growls.
- Right click with rotten flesh: force them to drop all items and equipment.

- Right click with bottle: something cute!

- Right click with spider eye: Steal another players zombie player if it isn't yours

- Right click with vanilla chest: Will look for food to eat from nearby chests when low health or starting to turn.

- Right click with target block: Makes work mode less strict for matching blocks, useful for crops that use multiple blocks but similar grow data



 1.18+ Extra Features - Automation!

- Zombie players can now be setup to break blocks, place blocks, or use tools in their hand on blocks.

- When instructed, they can instructed to interact with specific block types in their work area, by either breaking, or right clicking with an item or empty hand.

- For example they can:

-- Till farmland

-- Place seeds, saplings

-- Break crops at a specific age (tested with vanilla crops)

-- Break whole trees in one hit (loud), and hopefully not suffocate in freshly grown ones

-- Bonemeal crops

-- Mine ores

-- Right click buttons

- They are a little dumb and slow, but a fun way to do a little bit of automation until you want something more serious setup with other mods, pretty good performance wise as well.

- They also attack mobs using the item in hand, now as if it were a player, so the killed mobs will drop items and experience, great for mobs farms.

- Feature still in beta until I've worked out any issues and balance problems.



Controlling calm zombie with Items for automation

- Right click with golden hoe: Starts training mode, then right click or break a block with the relevant item you want them to use (or empty hand) and the zombie player will learn to do that too. After you taught them, right click them with the golden hoe again to end training, they will get started in the area. Make sure to give them the right item or put one in a nearby chest for them to use. (E.g. toss them seeds, or put seeds in chest to make them plant the seeds on farmland they watched you seed while training). To remove their work orders, just right click the zombie player twice without you breaking or right clicking a block.


- Shift right click with golden hoe: Starts set work area mode for a custom setup work area, right click 2 areas with the hoe to set the area they will work within.

- Left click with golden hoe: Shows helpful info as particles relating to that zombie player:

-- Blue particles: the work area they are limited to

-- White particles: their restriction / home area if they aren't setup to do work, but instead just defend, wander.

-- Green particles: shows where they're looking for work to do

-- Brownish particles: the chests they are aware of and will use

-- Red particles: the block they are trying to get to to work on

-- Only use when needed / setting up work, all the extra particles can lag your game

- Sneak Right click with vanilla chest: Will pickup items on ground and deposit into nearby chests while working.






- Requires CoroUtil: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/coroutil


You may use the mod in any modpack you like.