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Custom Starter Gear


This is a very simple mod that allows you to control exactly what items players start with when they login for the first time.

Key Features:
- Removes books/manuals and any other items given by other mods. If you want these items you can just add them yourself via this mod.
- Places the items back in exactly the same slots with support for armor and off-hand.
- Supports item NBT data.
- Can be easily configured by simple running a command with the desired items in your inventory.
- Can be implemented as a server side only mod but also works in singleplayer.
- Now supports kits which can be used for things like quest maps which may require a different starting inventory for each quest.


Put all the items you wish players to start with in your inventory (Note the slot in which you place them will also be saved)
Then run the command "/csg_config set" to save your inventory.
Now when a player logs in for the first time they will get an exact copy of your inventory. (Including item NBT and meta, as well as armor equipped)

This does overwrite your inventory so make sure it is empty before invoking the commands.

If for whatever reason you wish to manually give a player the starting inventory you can use "/csg_config give <player>"
Note: This will delete any existing items in that players inventory!


Kits are configured similar to the starting inventory except you use the commend
"/csg_ kit add <kit name>"
to create a new kit from you inventory.

The following is a list of all kit commands.
/csg_kit add <kit name>
- adds/overwrite the specified kit with your current player inventory.
/csg_kit give <kit name> [player]
- Give the specified kit to the target player or your self if no player is specified (Will delete all existing items first.)
/csg_kit remove <kit name>
- Removes the specified kit from the system.
/csg_kit list
- lists all kits.


Important Note: This mod will work when installed on an existing server with existing players. However, this does mean the inventories of any existing players will be wiped and replaced with the starter gear the next time that player logs in. 


Here's a short video on using Custom Starter Gear thanks to Awesome Meatball

You are free to use this mod in any and all mod packs. No need to ask permission.