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This version of the mod will no longer be updated! If you're looking for a newer verison, I highly recommend to check out Most Shearables by vemerion.


What's going on lately? (I quit modding)

There is so much going on with university, work and private stuff so I couldn't find the time to update my mods or even answer questions and private messages in the past months and therefore I think it's better to quit modding for now.

This unfortunately means I'm not updating this mod to a newer Minecraft version anytime soon.


If someone is interested in the source code I (finally...) put everything on github (See Source)

Feel free to continue this mod / integrate this mod in whatever project you want. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!


More Shearables is a small mod, which allows you to shear chicken, cows and pigs.


Please don't take this mod seriously! It's just for fun!


To get started, you will need a shaver which can be crafted with 2 gold and some shears.



Now simply rightclick a supported entity with your new shaver and pull off their skin to get some stuff!




Don't worry, if animals are naked they will eat grass to regrow their skin and turn back to normal. Shaved Polar Bears need to be in water because they eat fish. I also don't recommend to shave tamed animals since they become untamed if you shave them.


You can change all drops in the config file, but the defaults are:


Chicken - Feathers

Pig - Pig Skin

Cow - Leather

Rabbit - Rabbit Hide (1.9+)

Zombie Pigman - Rotten Flesh (1.9+)

Creeper - ? (1.9+)

Polar Bear - Polar Bear Hide (1.10+)

Llama - Wool (color depends on variant, 1.12.2+) / Leather (1.12)

Parrot - Feathers (1.12+)




Be carefull because Zombie Pigmen become very angry if you shave them... 

You can also disable shaving of certain mobs in the config file.


The mod also adds in 2 new materials. You can get pig skin by shaving pigs and polar bear hide by shaving polar bears.


Both can be used to craft leather or 2 amazing armor sets.


If you wear a full set of pig armor, pigs near the player get panic and run away. However pigmen near the player become angry. If you wear a full set of polar bear armor, polar bears around you become aggresive.



There is also a config feature (off by default) which allows you to use vanilla shears (or modded shears if they are based on vanilla shears) instead of the shaver.


Mod Reviews:

Thanks for the amazing reviews!
By LeKoopa (German)


If you have any suggestions for shearable mobs, feel free to post them!

You are allowed to use all of my mods in your modpack! You don't need to credit me.