Rough Mobs 2

Rough Mobs 2



What's going on lately? (I quit modding)

There is so much going on with university, work and private stuff so I couldn't find the time to update my mods or even answer questions and private messages in the past months and therefore I think it's better to quit modding for now.

This unfortunately means I'm not updating this mod to a newer Minecraft version anytime soon.

Thanks a lot for all the nice comments, bug reports and support! It really helped staying motivated!


If someone is interested in the source code I (finally...) put everything on github (See Source)

Feel free to continue this mod / integrate this mod in whatever project you want. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!


Rough Mobs Revamped by p1ut0nium_94 has been released! I highly recommend to use his version because this version of the mod will no longer be updated.



This mod is a complete rewrite of the original Rough Mobs mod and should fix many bugs and performance issues (Full changelog: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/rough-mobs-2/pages/rough-mobs-1-vs-rough-mobs-2).


Rough Mobs 2 is a simple mod which makes some vanilla mobs significantly harder. The mod runs completely on the server side and doesn't have to be installed on each client (It also works in singleplayer of course).


This mod is also pretty well configurable! You can change/disable every feature in your config file.



Current Features:


  • Zombies spawn with random enchanted armor and weapons (You can add/remove equipment in the config file).
  • Zombies have a chance to spawn riding a zombie horse.
  • Zombies have a small chance to spawn as boss zombies which are very strong but they can drop some nice equipment.
  • Zombies now sometimes perform a leap attack at their targets
  • Zombies apply the hunger effect to targets (The effect stacks up to level 4 on continuous hits).
  • Zombies have an increased knockback resistance and 30 max HP instead of 20 max HP.
  • Baby Zombies now burn in sunlight.
  • Zombies can now break certain (configurable) blocks (with target AI)

  • Skeletons spawn with random enchanted armor (You can add/remove equipment in the config file).
  • Skeletons always spawn with a Bow in their mainhand and a melee weapon in their offhand. If a player is near them Skeletons switch their weapons.
  • Skeletons have a chance to spawn riding a skeleton horse.
  • Skeletons have a small chance to spawn as boss skeletons which are very strong but they can drop some nice equipment.
  • Skeletons have 30 max HP instead of 20 max HP.
  • Skeletons shoot a bit faster now
  • Skeletons in the Nether always become Wither Skeletons on spawn.
  • Wither Skeletons spawn now everywhere in the Nether.

  • Creepers become invisible while they are near a player.
  • Creepers are a lot faster now.
  • Creepers explode now a bit faster
  • Creepers explosion radius is now a bit bigger
  • Creepers burn in sunlight (Off by default)
  • Creepers explode if they are burning (Off by default). Do not combine the last two features except you want a ton of destruction...

  • Slimes deal a lot more knockback depending on their size.
  • Slimes have now 50% more HP and can jump further.
  • Bigger Slimes have a chance to "split off" a baby slime when hit.

  • Endermen drop now at least one enderpearl on death.
  • Endermen teleport players away who attack them.
  • Endermen have a chance to apply blindness to targets.
  • Endermen steal and drop held items of targets.
  • Teleportation and item stealing are disabled if the target player has an eye of ender (configurable) in his inventory

  • Spiders take no more fall damage.
  • Spiders apply the slowness effect to targets. The effect stacks up to level 4 while the fifth hit creates a web on the targets position.
  • Spiders have a chance to spawn with a mob riding it (Mobs can be added/removed in the config file).
  • Mobs around spiders also sometimes randomly start riding them.

  • Cave Spiders have all new features from normal Spiders.

  • Witches apply random buffs (configurable) to hostile entities around them.
  • Witches sometimes throw lingering potions instead of splash potions
  • Witches spawn 5 Bats on death.

  • Silverfish have a chance to split into two when attacked.

  • Zombie Pigmen have all new features from normal Zombies.
  • Zombie Pigmen now also become aggressive if the player touches their hitbox
  • Zombie Pigmen also have a chance to become aggressive when the player breaks a block around them.

  • Blazes spawn now everywhere in the Nether.
  • Blazes have now 30 max HP instead of 20 max HP.
  • Blazes create a small explosion on death.
  • Blazes push the target away and deal damage to him if he attacks them with melee weapons
  • Blazes ignite targets if they touch their hitbox.

  • Ghasts have now 15 max HP instead of 10 max HP.
  • Ghasts are now immune to arrows and other projectiles except their own fireballs.
  • Ghasts drop primed TNT when their target is below them.
  • Fireballs shot by Ghasts create a bigger explosion on impact

  • Magma Cubes are now much more common.
  • Magma Cubes have all new features from normal Slimes.
  • Magma Cubes regenerate HP while in lava.
  • Small Magma Cubes drop lava on death

  • Withers have now 600 HP instead of 300 HP.
  • Withers knock attackers away.
  • Withers summon Wither Skeletons over time.

  • Skeleton and zombie horses now burn in sunlight (only if they have no rider).
  • Skeletons/Zombies around skeleton and zombie horses now sometimes randomly start riding them.

  • Vindicators have now +50% HP and an increased knockback resistance

  • Evokers have now +100% HP

  • Endermites teleport players away who attack them.
  • Endermites apply the wither effect to near players.

  • Guardians drop water on death.


Many mobs now also have an increased follow range! 


Health, speed, knockback resistance, attack damage and other attribute modifiers can easily be changed or added in the config file individually for every entity.

Spawn entries can also be changed or added through the config file.


2.0.10+: Certain mobs no longer target other mobs if they accidentally get attacked by them (mobs are configurable).

2.0.12+: This feature is disabled by default since it caused bugs with other mods.


Performance issues?

If you have some performance issues I suggest removing all generic.followRange lines in your attributes section. Additional Follow Range seems to cause some lag.


If you have any suggestions for new features feel free to post them!

You are allowed to use all of my mods in your modpack!



Boss Zombie

(A boss zombie on a beautyful moon background)