Minecraft Comes Alive (MCA)

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Say goodbye to those annoying and ugly squidward-nosed villagers! Minecraft Comes Alive (MCA) completely replaces villagers with humans, and adds interactions, marriage, and babies! 



Hello there! It's been awhile! We're happy to announce the release of MCA 6.0.0-beta for Minecraft 1.12.2! This is a much more robust version of MCA rewritten from the ground up to play nicer with servers and other mods. Some notable features:

  • RadixCore is no longer a requirement.
  • Chores are smarter and more mod-friendly.
  • Gameplay has been streamlined and made less complicated for newcomers.
  • Multiplayer support is much more stable.

See the changelog for all the juicy details!


  • "Hrrh!" Villagers are no longer Caveman Squidwards and no longer make sound. They are now male or female humans with over 250 unique skins.
  • You can interact with villagers in many ways, such as chatting with them, asking them to follow you, hiring them to do work, giving them gifts, and more!
  • Interacting with villagers builds relationships. Get your relationship high enough, and you'll be able to marry a villager.
  • Once you're married, you can have children. Children will grow up over time and do many different chores for you.
  • Children eventually grow up into adults, who can get married and have children of their own.
  • You can marry other players and have children in SMP and LAN.
  • There's no loss of original Minecraft functionality. MCA villagers can be traded with, and any modded villagers are not overwritten with MCA villagers.


MCA may be downloaded from CurseForge (where you're at right now!) or our website.


Feeling generous? You can to help support us or pledge to us on Patreon  for some awesome perks!


Note: MCA connects to a remote server to check for updates and also send us crash reports. This can be disabled.



MCA is licensed with the GPLv3 Open Source license. Consult your favorite search engine for specifics on this license.


Commonly asked questions regarding permissions are answered here: 

  • Can I make YouTube videos showcasing this mod? Yes.
  • Can I redistribute this mod on my website? No. Link to this page or our website instead.
  • Can I publish a modpack with this mod? Yes.