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This is a kinda simple modpack that keeps performance and vanilla Minecraft in mind to bring more Winter to Minecraft. Also, this modpack is slightly spooky. You should be super careful going into caves as some of the monsters have multiplied speed which may invoke a jumpscare. This pack is not about being scary and fighting mobs entirely.


I tried to make this pack difficult so that you're not constantly running around like a chicken with its head cut off while getting hypothermia and mauled by a ton of mobs. Only to make it to a cave with one heart and a poison debuff and die to hyperthermia while mining coal near lava. Repetitive whoopings dulls anxiety.


Some things to note:

1. Dimensional Doors is in this pack. The portals appear occasionally around the world. Going into them can result in some serious spooks which don't always appear immediately.

2. Some Deadly Monster mobs have ridiculous speed but it can be disabled in the config. Also Topielecs and Haunted Cows are disabled.

3. Twilight Forest has snow now.

4. There are no survival mods, but challenges are still there. Just not in temperature, thirst, realistic needs and so on.

5. Sugarcane is hard to come by in this pack but the Presser from Harvestcraft can turn wood into paper and has alternate ways to make sugar.

6. Timberjack makes trees rain down in many directions as blocks and not dropped items. I like this because it's not just collecting all the wood at once in one click but you don't have to pillar up too much either.

7. On top of monsters being super fast, StaminaPlus is also in this pack. Running is a lot more difficult and some of them run almost as fast as sprinting.

8. Exhausted stamina is also in the pack which makes it so you can only hit mobs if your hit meter is full. So it's even harder to keep them away. It might be good to have a fast weapon and a heavier weapon.

9. Snowballs are super useful now since they cause slowness when thrown at mobs.

10. The bloody maiden is rare but is almost insta death early game now.

11. Other than that Vanilla Minecraft knowledge has you covered.


Extra Optional Challenges:

1. Disable natural health regen (/gamerule naturalRegeneration false) to only be able to get health from items and spells. Then you'll REALLY have to value your precious stamina and HP. How you can do that? Up to you. Don't know about you but the Deadly Monster mobs are looking kinda intimidating. Good luck getting ores early game.

2. Use adventure mode instead of survival mode. Then throw away your starter silver knife (It can break wood.) So you can't break anything with your fists and need to obtain wood either from chests or having a mob destroy wood for you.

3. Turn off your minimap mob radar through a hotkey.

4. Locking hard mode and disabling cheats.

5. Reduce your render distance to 2 so you can't see very far away. I wouldn't recommend that though.

6. Discard your starting inventory.

7. Avoiding mobs altogether and doing your own thing. They don't spawn absolutely everywhere.

8. Increase the chance of a blood moon.

9. Or a mixture of the above challenges.... Or all at once.



It is recommended that you allocate around 4 gigabytes of ram to this modpack only if you have 8 gigabytes of ram in total. If you have 16 gigabytes of ram then I would recommend allocating 6 - 8 to this modpack. Wouldn't recommend allocating any more than half of your PC's total RAM.


My Specs: I5-7200U 2.50HGz 2.70 GHz, NVIDIA GeForce 940mx with 16 gbs of RAM and a 500GB Samsung Evo SSD

Not the best setup since it's a laptop. I get around 50 to 60 FPS on 8 chunk render distance, minimum smooth lighting and fast graphics. Once I load in the chunks the FPS gets much more consistent at 60, loading in new chunks can cause my FPS to dip but but I never find myself having any big lagpsikes that would hinder gameplay.


If you're getting low FPS in games, also be sure there is as little running on your PC as possible. Which includes Discord, internet browsers and so on.


Update: If your computer can't keep a consistent 60+ FPS, another option is to limit the FPS at 30.


Also it's recommended to add Optifine.




Add a custom resource pack to add some new GUI textures, if I have the time to. I'm currently occupied with other things in life.



❅All Mods (Categorized List Below)

❅Mod Categories:


❅The Main Mods:


Snow! Real Magic

Winter Wonderland

Enhanced Snowmen

Snow Variants

Snowballs Freeze Mobs



Deadly Monsters

Eyes in the Darkness

Mystical World

Mystical WIldlife


Pet Bats

Sophisticated Wolves

Just a Few Fish

Howling Moon


Blood Moon



❅World Gen:

Additional Structures

Worley's Caves

Metallurgy 4: Reforged

Cave Root


Realistic Terrain Gen

Alternate Terrain Gen

Coral Reef

Village Names

Pam's Weee! Flowers

Pam's Harvestcraft

Spawn Temple


Pam's Spooky Tree



Traveler's Boots

Traveler's Backpacks

Lighting Wand


Exhausted Stamina



Baubley Heart Canisters

Better Builder's Wands

Carry On Replaced With Charset Block Carrying

Ender Storage

Iron Chests

Cloud Boots




Storage Drawers

Realistic Torches

More Swords Legacy




More Player Models

Armourer's Workshop

Cosmetic Armor Reworked



Sound Filters

Mute Villagers

Void Fog

Resource Loader

Custom Main Menu



Twilight Forest

Dimensional Doors

The Beneath

Good Night's Sleep

Blue Skies




Electroblob's Wizardry

Magic Seeds for Electroblobs Wizardry

Electroblob's Wizardry: Twilight Forest Spell Pack

Extra Spells (Electroblob's Wizardry)

Enchanting Plus




GraveStone Mod

Infinite Trading

Nature's Compass

Ore Excavation

Quick Leaf Decay

Screen Resizer

Swing Through Grass

ToroHealth Damage Indicators

Custom Starter Gear


Macaw's Bridges

Macaw's Roofs



Xaero's Minimap

Antique Atlas

Atlas Extras



The Flying Things

Nomadic Tents

(Antique Atlas and Xaero's Minimap are both in the pack because Xaero's Minimap has waypoints but no world map. Where Antique Atlas has a world map but as an item. Another thing to note is that Floocraft and Waystones are both in the pack. They both do similar things in terms of traveling through teleporting so they're both an option.)


❅Core Mods and Fixes:



Born in a Barn

Carrots Library


CodeChickenLib 1.8+




Hammer (Lib) Core






Shadowfacts' Forgelin


Just Enough Items (JEI)

Just Enough Buttons

Just Enough Resources












RTG Roofed Forest


Ennerie finds a Howling Moon structure in the woods. She so smol.


"Did I see eyes in the void?"

*Minecraft cave sound plays.*


Jungle near a Taiga.


Sneaking with pumpkins.


Pam's Harvestcraft demands clay for cooking.

 Coral Reefs under the ice.


More coral reefs.


Dat sky tho dang.




Better be careful....... (I dare you to play this pack without the Minimap mob radar.)


Ennerie has achieved Owl.


Blue Skies Ravine.


❅Mod recommendations that aren't in the pack but could be added manually:

Other biome mods. (Remove Zoestria and RTG first. I haven't tried it though. Uness your PC can handle multiple huge biome mods at once.)

Better Foliage

Fancy Block Particles

Spooky Biomes (I haven't tried with these mods but worth a try.)

Optifine (Can't be redistributed in modpacks.)

Cute Mob Models (If you want to make the game significantly less spooky. Would kinda defeat the purpose, but is still an option. They cute.)


Also this pack has some config changes to prevent overlapping ores and some other tiny things.


All credit to mod authors, I made none of them. Also this is of course 100% non-profit.



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