More Swords Legacy

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More Swords: Legacy is a faithful recreation of the More Swords mod for modern versions of Minecraft. This mod includes the 10 original swords which are based on unique themes and elements of the game, along with their 20 signature enchantments.


The general formula for this mod is that each sword is based on a theme or concept. Each sword also has two enchantments that are specifically designed around that sword and theme. With configuration changes you can put these enchantments on any item.


Sword Information

Dawn Star

Damage: 6 (3 hearts)

Durability: 1286

Ignite: Attacks will deal additional fire damage. Stacks with Fire Aspect.

Sparks: Attacks will deal additional fire damage to other nearby mobs.


Vampiric Blade

Damage: 7 (3.5 hearts)

Durability: 812

Feast: Attacks have a chance to restore durability.

Vitality: Right clicking allows you to exchange durability for some powerful buffs.



Damage: 6 (3 hearts)

Durability: 645

Venomous Aspect: Attacks inflict enemies with poison.

Absorb: Attacks have a chance to restore hunger and saturation.


Draconic Blade

Damage: 7 (3.5 hearts)

Durability: 1089

Keen Edge: Deals additional damage to mobs. Stacks with Sharpness and other enchantments.

Scorn: Doubles your damage while in other dimensions.


Eye End Blade

Damage: 8 (4 hearts)

Durability: 1580

Ender Pulse: Allows you to teleport where you're looking.

Ender Aura: Gives you a chance to teleport to a nearby mob when you take damage.


Crystaline Blade

Damage: 5 (2.5 hearts)

Durability: 570

Greed: Attacks have a chance to spawn additional exp orbs.

Wisdom: Attacks deal more damage the higher your EXP level is.


Glacial Blade

Damage: 6 (3 hearts)

Durability: 680

Frozen Aspect: Attacks will inflict enemies with slowness.

Frost Wave: Attacks will inflict nearby mobs with slowness.


Aether's Guard

Damage: 8 (4 damage)

Durability: 1796

Ascension: Attacks will throw enemies up into the air.

Descension: Sneaking while you fall will let you slowly glide.


Wither's Bane

Damage: 6 (3 hearts)

Durability: 1869

Decay: Attacks will inflict enemies with wither and hunger.

Consuming Shadows: Attacks will inflict nearby enemies with wither and blindness.


Adminium Ark

Damage: 99999 (49999.5 hearts)

Durability: 9999999

Stealth: Right clicking will make you invisible. Right clicking again disables.

Extinction: If you attack a mob, all mobs of that type are removed from the world.



Relics are basic swords with the same stats as an Iron Sword. Each one depicts a sword that was removed from More Swords at some point in history. There are various reasons for these swords being removed, but they are still nostalgic for some older fans. Relic swords have no effects and can not be crafted by the player. Zombies and Skeletons will sometimes spawn holding them, and they can drop the sword relic when killed.



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