Atlas Extras


Originally I wanted this mod only to add some extra information (like biome, position and time) below Antique Atlas mini map.




  • HUD information -> position, biome, time
  • keybind to open the atlas (in version 1.2)
  • cross-mod compat (waystones/signpost) (read below!)
  • rich config!
  • Author is open for ideas!

Everything respects the configuration of the atlas itself.



From 1.4+:


While searching for an exsisting mod to solve this problem I also found the Signposts mod, which sadly never got beyond 1.7.10. 

Thats why this mod also adds cross mod compatibility between Antique Atlas, Waystones (by BlayTheNinth) and Signpost (by Gollorum), allowing you to teleport between them via the atlas.

There are 3 types of markers added:

  •  allows to travel from (Signpost)
  •  travel destination only (Waystone from Signpost mod)
  •  both: travel start and destination (Waystone from Waystones mod)

These markers are automatically added to the atlas upon placing the respective block.



!!!Adding the markers yourself to your atlas will have no effect!!!