The Midnight

863,262 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 2, 2019 Game Version: 1.14.4

The Midnight

The Midnight is a mod being developed by Cryptic Mushroom that adds a brand new dimension to explore full of unique adventures and dangers! It's a dimension of perpetual darkness; the only light comes from crystals and the various flora, fungi and fauna of the dimension. You may travel willingly to this dimension, though you may unwillingly be dragged by a rifter into this strange, hostile world...

The game version 'Forge' is a curse related bug, release 0.4.0 and higher are for Minecraft forge 1.14.4, whereas 0.3.5 and lower are for forge 1.12.2.

Releases for 1.12.2 will not be receiving any further updates because we can only maintain one version and we have no interest in versions below 1.14+. Please don't ask for backports.


To get to the dimension, you will need to find a glowing, red rift. These will spawn randomly during the night both above ground and in caves. Rifts are often accompanied by unfriendly figures. Though before you go, make sure to be prepared! The Midnight does not welcome newcomers.

The newest beta update kicked off our Survival Update, which makes the dimension playable in survival. The update isn't finished yet, though! We will be finishing it over the course of a few builds before we move on to our biome updates which will flesh out each biome in The Midnight!

  • If you find an issue with the mod, we appreciate it if you submit it to our Issues page.
  • If you want to discuss the mod, we have a Discord!
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    • FAQ

  • Q: How do I get out of the dimension?
    A: Find another rift in the dimension, it will lead you back to the Overworld. However, they only spawn at night in the Overworld so if that condition isn't met then you won't find a rift for a while. An alternative option is to use this command: `/summon midnight:rift`


  • Code: gegy1000, Martacus, arthurbambous
  • Textures: Endergized, Five (Paradiscal), mcvinnyq
  • Models: Cipher_Zero_X, mcvinnyq
  • Sounds: Lachney

We owe a special thanks to ZombieEnderman5, veesus mikhel heir, and Corail31 for contributing code to The Midnight; 123wdog for contributing his modelling skills, and Terenx for being an awesome tester. They have done an outstanding job with helping us add to and improve the mod!

Anyone has permission to use this mod in their modpack, but be aware that The Midnight is currently in beta so it is not recommended. If your modpack is not on Curseforge, ask for permission from a developer first.
No one is allowed to reuse code or assets without explicit permission from a developer.

Midnight was originally an entry for MMD's SpookyJam 2018, but it has now moved from alpha to beta, marking the beginning of a new chapter as we work toward our first release!


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