Witchery- Style Vampirism

8,611 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 22, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

My entry to SpookyJam, a Mod that adds Witchery- styled Vampirism.


Vampires will be immune to all damage except fire, sun, stakes, and starvation.

Recent Changes:


Added more things that can damage Vampires:





Dragon's Breath

Made it so Vampires can't cross running water (W.I.P.)

Made different creatures give different blood amounts.




Cross - For protection against vampires, will stop them in their tracks from
6 blocks away.



Stake - You know what to do with this one



Pocket Watch- If you've played as a witchery vampire you were always getting trapped under things

and waiting for the sun to go down. This item plays a sound one 

Minecraft hour until the sun comes up.

(Can be anywhere in your inventory.)


Vampire Cape- Looks Cool


Chalice - Drink from this to become a Vampire.




All loot found in chests in the world.





Vampire bat - Turns the player into a bat


Mesmerize - Freezes the entity in it's tracks



Speed - Gives speed II




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