Antique Atlas

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Antique Atlas is a craftable item that enables a special map screen. You can navigate the map via click & drag, zoom via the scroll wheel. Additionally, on-screen buttons let you add/remove/hide markers, export the map to an image file.



Both server and client need to have the mod installed.

You're free to include this mod in mod packs, as long as you're not making money off of it.


Known bugs: bug

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The map is generated around the player by selecting a single biome to represent each chunk of 16x16 blocks. Custom biomes added by other mods will be automatically assigned to a default texture set based on their types as registered in Forge BiomeDictionary, but you can add your own texture packs with custom textures: see Editing Textures

As of this writing (2018-06-02), when you export the image file, it will be in PNG format, and contain a map of the dimension the player is currently in.


This mod initially started as a spin-off from a (discontinued) mod project Quest, it was inspired and improved by ideas from the team. For more Quest-related stuff check out Zelda Sword Skills by coolAlias! His mod also uses Atlas API to mark Boss Dungeon locations. Make sure to use the appropriate download of Antique Atlas that says it is compatible with ZSS!


Modders can make use of the Atlas API!
Read the manual here:
In order to develop with the API, grab a deobfuscated build here:

Crafting Recipe:
+ =
Like with Minecraft maps, right-click on empty Atlas to create a usable instance:

+  * N =  * (N + 1)
Crafting an Atlas with empty Atlases creates clones of the original Atlas. The map content is shared between the clones, so you can always leave a copy at home and go on adventures without ever worrying about losing your Atlas.

#1 + #2 = #3
2 different Atlases can be crafted together and have the contents of both merged into a new one.

Right-click while holding the Atlas to open it.


A huge thanks for everyone's contributions to the mod!

especially to Kenkron for updating and maintaing the mod for several years,

also especially to tyra314 for updating to 1.14.4 and maintaining the Fabric version of the mod,

to voythas and others from the Quest team for inspiring the original idea

to coolAlias for integrating with ZSS, rewriting network code and providing lots of along the way

to crafteverywhere, CapoFantasma97, Mazdallier, Ruukas for translating texts

to Golrith for his work on a custom texture pack, and to temdur and barrowisp for contributing

to everyone who made suggestions in the Minecraft Forums thread. They have been really insightful, and some of the suggested features have been implemented.


Golrith's colored texture pack! Supports Biomes O'Plenty and Thaumcraft!

A gigantic thanks to Golrith for making this one!

Download v1.2 (compatible with Antique Atlas v4.5.0+ and MC v1.7.10+):

Apologies if this is an old version, you can ask Golrith for updates.


Offers a revamped and colored style for the Atlas (except mesa/icy biomes) as well as custom textures for the biomes from Biomes O'Plenty and Thaumcraft.


How to install:

1. Copy the file "" from the archive to the folder ".minecraft/resourcepacks"

2. Launch Minecraft, go to Settings > Resource Packs and enable the resource pack "Golriths Anqitue Atlas".


How to enable Biomes O'Plenty / Thaumcraft:

1. Replace the file "texture_sets.json" in the folder ".minecraft/config/antiqueatlas" with the one in the archive.

2. Similarly replace the file "biome_textures.json" or manually edit it using a text editor to copy the lines which correspond to the custom biomes from the file "biome_textures.json" in the archive file.

3. Make sure that biome IDs in this config match the actual biome IDs in use in your BoP/Thaumcraft installations. You can use NEI to do a biome ID dump. Change the biome IDs in your "biome_textures.json" accordingly so that they match their intended textures.


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