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Armourer's Workshop - (Beta)




Armourer's Workshop is a mod that lets player create their own custom player, armour, weapon, shield and item models in game.


If you have questions about the mod please come by the Discord server.


If you enjoy my content, please consider supporting me on ko-fi!


Quick start guide

1. Start by placing down the armourer block.

2. Build your skin in-world using skin cubes.

3. Colour it using the colouring tools.

4. Admire your new look!



Q Can Slabs/Stairs be added?

A No, it requires a lot of rendering power and is hard to implement.


Q Is there a official AW server I can build and show my skins on?

A Yes check the Discord server linked above.


Q I found a bug! Where can I report it?

A Please use the bug tracker to report it


Q Where can I get beta a beta code?

A Grab one from here.


Q How do I save my skins?

A Use the Library block (either Regular or Creative one) and save it there. Make sure it has a name!


Q How do I equip skins?

A Open Wardrobe by pressing P [default, can be configured] and put skins in corresponding slots.

A Right-Click it, holding in your hand. It will be equipped in the last available slot of corresponding type.


Q How do I add AW Skins to Armour/Weapons?

A Combine them in a Skinning Table.


Q How do I remove a AW Skin from Armour/Weapons?

A Combine it with Soap in the Skinning Table. (Note, that you don't get the skin back!)


Q How to put an AW skin onto a CNPCs?

A 1st solution: Using an item called Wand of Style (Creative only). Left-click a NPC(or a mob) with it and a GUI somewhat similar to a player's wardrobe will show up. Put your skins in the corresponding slots.

A 2nd solution: Combine AW skin with an item called* Armour Container *in Skinning table just like you would do with an armour or an item. Then put it in NPC's armour slots.


Q Skins don't show on a weapon when I hold them and I can't apply skin to them in the Skinning Table!

A You need to add this item to AW item list.
On 1.7.10 hold item in your hand and type a command /armourers seItemAsSkinnable
On 1.12.2+ hold item in your hand and type a command /armourers setItemSkinnable <add|remove>


Q I entered Beta code, but it saying "Checking..." and nothing happens!

A You are, most likely, using old Java version. Update your Java!


Q I did that and nothing changed!

A Make sure your launcher uses latest Java as well!


Q I still don't get it!

A Maybe this video guide will help you.


Q I installed some shaders and my player model's parts with AW armour disappeared.

A Try changing skinTextureRenderOverride parameter in client.cfg under debug section.


Q The items don't render anywhere.

A If you have OptiFine installed, try updating it to latest version.


Q What are the commands for this mod?

A 1.7.10 Link!

A 1.12.2 Link!



Video made by me, it a little out of date. (English)


Video by TheAtlanticCraft (English)


Video by GameChap (English)


Video by HawkEye (Japanese)


Video by HelldogMadness (Spanish)


Video by AuthenticGames (Portuguese)


Mod Packs

Yes you can use the mod in your mod pack.


Change Log


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