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Armourer's Workshop



-=[ About ]=-


* Create voxel-art to replace or add to the player model, equipment models, CNPCs, and more!

* Create decoration blocks for your worlds.

* Share your creations on a global library, or a sever specific one.

* Direct management of player-equipped skins via commands, or let the player use a GUI.

* Support via command/config for making most modded items skinable.

* Elevate your server project to a whole new level of detail!


If you have questions about the mod please come by the Discord server.


If you enjoy my content, please consider supporting me on ko-fi!




-=[ Guides ]=-

All of the guides for AW including how to support other modded items, can be found here:



-=[ Known Incompatibilities ]=-

- Obfuscate

- TLauncher ( the 3rd party version)
- Electrbob Wizardry Animations ( disable this in their config ).

There are no plans to be compatible with these in the future.



-=[ Newer Minecraft Builds? ]=-


Right now newer versions of minecraft, in our opinion, dont really offer any significant improvements to warrant upgrading and going through a major recode for. This mod, as you probably assumed, takes significant effort to move between versions. 


Until MC makes a major change that is seen as vital, and not backported by another mod ( such as Future MC ), then this will be reconsidered. 




-=[ FAQ ]=-

FAQ has been moved to here




-=[ Videos ]=-

Video made by me, it a little out of date. (English)


Video by TheAtlanticCraft (English)


Video by GameChap (English)


Video by HawkEye (Japanese)


Video by HelldogMadness (Spanish)


Video by AuthenticGames (Portuguese)


Mod Packs

Yes you can use the mod in your mod pack.


Change Log


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