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Tired of gravity defying Trees? Don't like how trivial other Tree felling mods make wood gathering? Looking for a, slightly, more realistic felling experience? This mod is for you!


What does it do? Well it forces trees to obey the laws of gravity. When you chop them down, everything will come crashing down. On your head if you aren't careful.



It supports all but the biggest trees, even modded ones. Natura Redwoods, BoP Sacred Oaks, and Forestry Giant Sequoias are blacklisted by default, but you can enable them if you want. The results can be a bit unpredictable with trees that big though, which is why they are disabled by default.


It works fine on servers, and the algorithm is spread out over multiple ticks so you shouldn't see any significant impact to your game's performance.


This mod is dedicated to the living God and His son, Jesus. Without His support, this poor modder would have given up years ago. Learn to hear His voice, it will transform your life.


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