Tech? Check.

Magic? Check.

Pollution potentially making your base unlivable? Check.

New World gen? Che.. Wait what was that last one?

Just don't think about it....


This is the Freedom Forever, this modpack is a kitchen sink and an 'All the Mods' Style mod pack that should have something for everyone from the inclusion of the standard mods and some newer less known ones aswell, with magic mods like Ars Novou and blood magic, to more specific mods that allow to become a vampire. There are also a whole host of Tech mods to allow you to experiment to your hearts content.


Its recommened to have 6GB of RAM allocated to minecraft for this pack.

We have a dedicated server at It is currently whitelisted apply on the discord for the pack and server here: https://discord.gg/NYSA5ncNDP
the voice chat mod is installed by default so you will hear others when you are near them but there is no pressure to use it : )