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Super Factory Manager ( SFM )


Super Factory Manager 4.0.0




SuperFactoryManager 4.0.0 brings a whole new way to use SFM. Instead of using flowchart GUIs, a new scripting language has been added.


Getting Started

You will need:

  • 1x Factory Manager

  • 1x Program Disk

  • 1x Label Gun

  • (optional) Inventory Cables


Place your Factory Manager in the world, and connect it to your inventories using Inventory Cables


Place the Program Disk inside the Manager's GUI


Paste your script into the manager GUI using the buttons or by using Ctrl+V


The manager should tell you that the script was loaded


Hover over the disk to see the warnings and errors for your program


Shift-right-click the manager with the label gun in your hand to load the labels from your program


You can now use the scroll wheel while holding shift to change the active label.

Right click blocks in the world to apply or remove the label.

There is also a right-click menu for entering a custom label that may not be in your program yet.

Once you've assigned the labels, right click the manager while NOT holding shift to save the labels to the Program Disk


Your program should now be running without any issues


Check out the GitHub repo for some example scripts to help you learn.



A 1.12.2-compatible build of VSWE's Steve's Factory Manager.

Currently working on improving stability and making sure everything is working.

Please report any issues on the github issue tracker.