Trajan's Tanks (Forge)

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Trajan's Tanks is a mod that seeks to add WW2 tanks to Minecraft, utilizing my Trajan's Core mod as well as GeckoLib. 


Supported Versions: 1.19


The mod can be downloaded like any other mod, with the exception of downloading its two dependencies, Trajan's Core and GeckoLib. If you do not have those, the mod will crash. If you have the Fabric version of GeckoLib, the mod will crash. Read the file name. I have received so many people asking for help to the point I will not help at all with this mistake. 


Shooting and movement are both found in the keybind tab, defaults are G and W respectively; You cannot shoot unless you have tank shells. The Anti-Tank Artillery uses Anti-Tank shells.


To report bugs, ask questions, make suggestions, etc join the mod's discord here


Things in the Mod Currently:


Panzer 2

Tiger 1


Anti-Tank Artillery / PAK-40


Cruiser MK1 

M4 Sherman
M4 ShermanValentine Archer


Standard Shell:
- Medium Explosion Radius

- Low Damage
- Cheap

Standard Shell
Armour Piercing Shell:
- Small Explosion Radius
- Medium Damage
- Affordable
Armour Piercing Shell
High Explosive Shell:
- High Explosion Radius (w/ Fire)
- Low Damage
- Affordable
High Explosive Shell
High Explosive Anti-Tank Shell (HEAT):
- Very Small Explosion Radius (w/ Fire)
- High Damage
- Expensive
HEAT Shell
Armor-Piercing Composite Rigid Shell (APCR)
- No Explosion
- Very High Damage
- Very Expensive
- Only with Tank Destroyers
APCR Shell




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