Create: Steam 'n' Rails

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Create: Steam & Rails 

All aboard a mod dedicated to expanding the possibilities of Create’s railway system. We are turning a basic logistical system into an extensive and aesthetic integration of railways into Minecraft.



  • Decorate your builds and bring new life and depth to your rail networks with many new rail types! They’re fully compatible with the existing rails, as well as each other. Try our signature spruce rails to give your build that distinguished look, make it really stand out with gold and nether wood rails or give our monorail track a go..

  • Additionally you can right-click a track with any slab creates a grade crossing track,works on slopes and turns for that extra bit of spice.


  • Make your train yards and junctions pop with our new Semaphore blocks! They serve the same purpose as nixie tubes, but do so in a far more aesthetically pleasing way.


  • Construct a cute little conductor. A Remote Redstone operator and toolbox carrier, all in one adorable creature!



  • Workbench Cart - Crafting on the move
  • Jukebox Cart - Music on the move


Coupling block

  • Blocks that can connect or disconnect two trains when powered


Conductor Whistles

  • whistles that can summon a train driven by a conductor



  • A variety of decorative alternatives to campfires.