FTB Industrial Contraptions (Forge)





FTB Industrial Contraptions is a tech mod! Or so I've been told... Here, look at all these items!



This mod uses ⚡ (Zaps) as power system and works slightly differently from RF. Your machines can get damaged if you aren't careful!



- Basic Generator uses coal as fuel and produces 10 ⚡/t

- Geothermal Generator uses lava and produces 20 ⚡/t

- Solar panels produce power based on their tier, anywhere from 1-256⚡/t

- Wind mills produce power based on their Y level and amount of space around it 6+⚡/t

- Nuclear Reactors.... aren't implemented yet. Sorry!



- Powered Furnace smelts stuff!

- Macerator turns ores into dust. In fact, it turns most things into dust...

- Centrifuge separates stuff. Useful when trying to get glowstone out of sea pickles!

- Compressor makes at *least* two useful items

- Quarry lets you mine huge areas fairly quickly

- And many more! Check out the mod to find out what they are!


But that's not all! We also have...

- Carbon and Quantum Armor - You become basically invincible. Until power runs out. Then you are quite vincible.

- Powered Elytra - Tired of your wings constantly breaking? Worry no more, now they will be constantly running out of power instead!

- Machine upgrades - A cheap tactic to make weak machines stronger


We're not done yet!

- There will be many more things added to this mod over time. Stay tuned!


FTB Industrial Contraptions




This mod was inspired by Industrial Craft, an original concept by Alblaka. All content within the 'FTB Industrial Contraptions' was created by the FTB Team


Textures by


@Ridanisaurus Rid