FTB Industrial Contraptions (Forge)

49,474 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 16, 2022 Game Version: 1.16.5   +1

FTB Industrial Contraptions is a tech mod! Or so I've been told... Here, look at all these items!



This mod uses ⚡ (Zaps) as power system and works slightly differently from RF. Your machines can get damaged if you aren't careful!



- Basic Generator uses coal as fuel and produces 10 ⚡/t

- Geothermal Generator uses lava and produces 20 ⚡/t

- Solar panels produce power based on their tier, anywhere from 1-256⚡/t

- Wind mills produce power based on their Y level and amount of space around it 6+⚡/t

- Nuclear Reactors.... aren't implemented yet. Sorry!



- Powered Furnace smelts stuff!

- Macerator turns ores into dust. In fact, it turns most things into dust...

- Centrifuge separates stuff. Useful when trying to get glowstone out of sea pickles!

- Compressor makes at *least* two useful items

- Quarry lets you mine huge areas fairly quickly

- And many more! Check out the mod to find out what they are!


But that's not all! We also have...

- Carbon and Quantum Armor - You become basically invincible. Until power runs out. Then you are quite vincible.

- Powered Elytra - Tired of your wings constantly breaking? Worry no more, now they will be constantly running out of power instead!

- Machine upgrades - A cheap tactic to make weak machines stronger


We're not done yet!

- There will be many more things added to this mod over time. Stay tuned!