Table Top Craft

5,785 Downloads Last Updated: May 13, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5


Table Top Craft is a fun little Mod that was developed to add working board games to Minecraft. Currently the Mod only comes with one board game, which is chess. If people are interested in the Mod, I would be happy to add more board games in the future. The board games added by this Mod come with a huge list of customization options and settings. Some of which are: Altering the tile colors, altering the piece colors and changing the move highlight colors. The board games are also playable completely without any GUIs, after choosing your settings. You can simply click on the block and play! This Mod doesn't require two players, but it is recommended to use it on servers. If you are a singleplayer person don't worry you can still use the Block on your own, you just simply wont have an opponent, or you can use the blocks as decoration!

[1] Optifine:
- If you use any form of shader the chess pieces will jump around while you are walking. This can be fixed by disabling view bobbing in the settings. Fixed in version 1.16-1.2.0!
- If you use shaders the colors of the pieces may or may not work. If they work you are lucky. If they dont work do not report it as a bug, I cant and wont fix optifine related bugs. With the new render code (version 1.16-1.2.0 and above) most shaders should work just fine, I have encountered this issue very rarely with old shaders.
- If you load the game with shaders and then turn them off, or the other way around, the chess pieces wont render properly. This is completely optifines fault and there is not really any way to fix it. You can just restart your game to make the pieces work again.
[2] Translucent Blocks:
- Because of how I render the chess pieces, they wont show up if you look at them through blocks like stained glass. This is a small issue I accepted, to ensure maximum compatibility with other mods, and to avoid any potential render issues ingame. Fixed in version 1.16-1.2.0!

Q: Can I use this Mod in my Modpack
A: Yes absolutely! Feel free to use my Mods in your Modpacks.

Can you update the Mod to version [x]

A: I always try to keep my Mods up to date, so if there hasn't been an update it simply means I haven't had time to work on it!

Q: Can you backport the Mod to version [x]
A: No I will not backport my Mods, old versions are versions of the past and I wont go out of my way to support them!

Q: What is a "FEN"
A: FEN is short for "Forsyth-Edwards-Notation" to put it simply its a standard notation for describing a particular board position of a chess game.


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