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A simple mod that adds a crop which you can harvest to get ender pearls.
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Licence: GPLv3: you can include this mod in any modpack (Curse or not), credit is not necessary but always appreciated!


New in the long-awaited 1.16 version:

  • New Tilled End Stone textures to match Vanilla's new Farmland textures.
  • Proper seeds and crop tagging for better automation/tool interaction.


The Crop

The ender crop has 8 growth stages. Harvesting it at any stage will drop Ender Seeds, at the 8th stage it will drop 1-2 Ender Pearls and sometimes an extra seed.


On farmland:

  • Follows vanilla Minecraft growth rules but at 50% the rate of wheat.
  • Requires light level < 7 to grow (redstone torch).

On tilled end stone:

  • Follows vanilla Minecraft growth rules at the same rate as wheat.
  • Requires any light level.
  • 1 in 50 chance to spawn an endermite on harvest. (configurable)

The Seeds

  • Ender seeds can be found in dungeons and are as rare as golden apples. (configurable)
  • They can also be crafted by surrounding wheat seeds with 4 ender pearls:

Tilled End Stone (configurable)

To obtain tilled end stone you simply right-click regular end stone with a hoe that has been enchanted with Unbreaking I or a hoe-like tool (AIOT, Kama, Scythe) with mining level 1 (Stone).

Waila/The One Probe integration:


Some Screenshots

Spotlight videos:

Zifiv Games (French)

Why I made the mod:

I came upon the idea while playing the RyRyPatPatPackPack (R2P4) for MC 1.8.9 which, at the time, didn’t have ExtraUtils2. Needing to go to the End I first tried hunting endermen, but there were few and the Progressive Mobs
mod didn’t make it easy to survive at night. So out of frustration
(mostly because I’m really good at getting killed) I made the Ender Crop