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Super Circuit Maker

SCM for 1.19.2 is still in active development.
Progress is slower than anticipated due to my new job.

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Super Circuit Maker allows you to build complex redstone assemblies in a tiny space, and now it's available for Minecraft 1.18!
Make anything from a simple light switch to a Create gantry quarry controller, or even a computer. Your imagination is the limit!


Please note: SCM2 is still in development.
Not all features from the original have been ported yet.
Additionally, it now also requires TKLib.


Please report bugs on the GitHub issues page.
Join the community and get the latest updates on Discord.
Support the development on Patreon or Ko-fi.


Planned features for v0.3 (1.19.3):

  • Circuits on walls
  • Blueprints/redprints (copy/cut and paste)
  • ASICs (circuit-in-circuit)
  • Addon API
  • New textures and models


Planned features for v0.4:

  • Standalone wire (redstone, colored, bundled and bus wire)
  • New light components
  • (Blueprint sharing? Maybe in this version?)


SCM1 spotlights by Direwolf20:


A Fabric port is not planned at this time.
This mod will not be backported to earlier versions either.