Emotecraft (Forge)


Emotes in Minecraft JAVA

Create your own emotes in Minecraft.

If you use Emotecraft 2.2.x(-snapshot), you'll have to manually install required libraries:

When downloading the mod, please only use official downloads as others may be infected.

Official project (only download the mod from here):

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You can ask questions here, but I'll respond slowly.

Click here for Fabric version

Builtin emotes

There are default emotes like waving

Custom emotes

you can create your own emotes and play them

Emote server synchronization

You don't need to send the custom emotes to everyone to play them

Blender and Blockbench emote creator tools

more about this here
or just download the tools


"download the mod and put it into the mods folder"
You need to install the mod both on both the server and the client.
But You don't need to use the same server and client modloader*
For example emotecraft with a Forge client will work with a Fabric server
You can also use Bukkit servers, download the plugin here

With Emotecraft you can connect to vanilla servers, it just won't do anything.


by default, press B to open the emote choose wheel

Install custom emotes by putting them in into .minecraft/emotes folder
(Just press Open emotes folder in the mod's config screen to open the folder in your file browser) more about usage here

Community emotes collection

*Only with 2.0 and newer Emotecraft versions

I won't backport it to older versions, but the mod is OpenSource, I won't stop anyone trying to do that.