Advanced Chimneys

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This mod adds chimney pipes, through which smoke from the fire or furnace goes up into the air.

REQUIRES ForgeEndertech library

For greater immersion use with Pollution of the Realms

Supported mods

Key features

  • Craftable chimneys from common building materials
  • Smoke particles colliding and reacting to the wind
  • Transparent chimneys for more exciting scenery
  • Possibility to build smoke ventilation systems using pumps, vents, pipes and hoppers
  • Possibility to repaint chimneys by using a brush in one hand while holding a sample block in the other and having a bucket of water + some dyes in the inventory
  • Wide compatibility with industrial mods and modded furnaces







- New Design (1.21-, 1.20.6-, 1.20.1-, 1.19-
Multiblock Chimneys & Decorative Tops (1.19-, 1.18.2-, 1.16.5-
- Total Repaint (1.19-, 1.18.2-, 1.16.5-

Repaint your chimneys to any block you like using a paintbrush, a bucket of water and a bunch of dyes.

- Ventilation System (1.19-, 1.18.2-, 1.16.5-



[This tutorial is for 1.12 only!] 



  • The more sources connected to the chimney, the more smoke you'll get
  • The intensity of the smoke depends on what obstacles it passed through
  • The variety of smoke colors depends on the sources and the path taken by the smoke
  • Works with the Physics Mod if switch to vanilla particles in the main config (adchimneys-client.toml)



  • Add custom smoke emitters
  • Change smoke color, amount, intensity and scale
  • [1.12] Use the Smoker block to generate any kind of smoke
  • [1.12] Create your own custom chimneys from any block you like



  • Feel free to use the mod in any modpacks.
  • You are allowed to use it without asking for permission.