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Rechiseled allows you to exchange between various decorative blocks with connected textures! Rechiseled adds over 300+ decorative variants of vanilla blocks!




Chisel Chisel

- Right-Click to open the chiseling gui

Chisel Recipe




Chiseling Screen

- The preview can be switched between a single block, a row of blocks, and a 3x3 of blocks using the buttons on the right

- The bottom right button allows you to toggle between connected and non-connected textures

- The bottom chisel button will chisel all similar blocks in your inventory to the one you have selected

Chiseling Screen





Does the chisel have durability?

No, the chisel can be used as many times as you want

Does Rechiseled have compatibility with X mod?

No, although you can checkout Re-chiseled Compatibilities by Mrthomas20121

Can I use your mod in my modpack?

Yes, feel free to use my mod in your modpack





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Legal Stuff

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