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Ultimate Car Mod

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This mod brings cars, road construction and biodiesel production into your minecraft world.
There are many vehicles with different features to choose from.
But before you can start driving, you need to get started
with your fuel production.
Based on the real biodiesel production, we created a system, which is a vital factor of the mod.
After having your car, road construction is the next step: You have various
options to design your own streets and be creative!


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Resource Packs





  • More than 54,000 different cars
  • Realistic fuel production
  • Road construction
  • Highly configurable




  • Single seater cars
  • Two seater cars
  • Truck (two seats)
  • Truck with container (two seats)
  • Truck with fluid container (two seats)
  • Single seater sports car
  • Single seater SUV
  • Cars have sounds
  • Cars can be damaged and have a damage indication
  • Cars need fuel to run
  • Cars need to be turned on before driving
  • Cars have speedometer and fuel gauge
  • Cars have a battery
  • Engine starting time is affected by the environment temperature, damage and battery voltage
  • Cars can be locked
  • Cars have luggage space
  • Cars have a horn
  • Custom car license plate
  • Different engines have different speeds and fuel consumption
  • Cars are faster on roads
  • Tools for repairing cars




  • Different asphalt blocks for road construction
  • 27 white road markings (lines and arrows)
  • 27 yellow road markings (lines and arrows)
  • Painter for markings
  • Crash barrier
  • Cars are faster on asphalt roads
  • Signs with custom text


Fuel Production


  • Biodiesel
  • Gas station
  • Multiblock tanks
  • Biodiesel fabrication
  • Canola cultivation
  • Oil mill
  • Canola cake (byproduct - can be used for breeding)
  • Backmix reactor
  • Split Tank (for decantation)
  • Methanol extraction through pyrolysis (charcoal as a byproduct)
  • Fuel production needs energy created by a generator or a dynamo
  • Generator
  • Cables
  • Fluid pipes
  • Fluid extractors
  • Canister
  • Fuel station to fuel cars



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