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Fusion (Connected Textures)




Fusion is a library for both Forge and Fabric which adds additional texture and model types such as connected textures to be used in resource packs and which allows other mods to add additional texture and model types!


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For resource packs:
For mod developers:




🖼️ Texture types

Connected texture

Connected texture are textures with a special layout which allows them to connect to other blocks when combined with the connecting model type. Fusion offers two connected texture layouts, full and simple. Here is an example of the simple layout:

Simple connected texture example

Scrolling texture

Scrolling textures are a type of animated texture which scrolls over an image. The scrolling can occur from any corner to any other corner of the texture, even diagonal!
Here is an example of a conveyor belt:

Scrolling texture conveyor example




🧊 Model types

Connected model

Conected models are models which will connect to other blocks when used in conjunction with the connected texture type. Connections can be specified for specific blocks and states.
Here is an example of an oak tiles block which connects to itself and acacia tiles:
   "type": "connected",
   "connections": [
         "type": "is_same_block"
         "type": "match_block",
         "block": "acacia_tiles"
  Connected model example