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Create Stuff & Additions is a mod that uses the resources of Create to offer a new set of equipment, tools and gadget! Equipments that increase your physical abilities (Your Strength or Mining Speed) but also give you new ways to move like floating, bouncing and even flying! Depending on your type of equipment (brass, andesite or copper) you will need different fuels such as steam (using water and fuel), heat energy (using fuel) or hydraulic energy (using water)! This mod also adds a lot of recipes that make certain Minecraft items (Chainmail Armor, Coral, Netherrack, Crying Obsidian and Magma Cream...) craftable with the new ways added by Create such as haunting and filling!

 Initially this mod was created for "Mechanical Life", a french minecraft server. This mod was done with Hybrid Mcreator.



Planned Features 

-Manual Drone (Andesite Drone)

-Programmable Drone (Brass Drone)

-Vehicle Creative Tab



-Config File


You can put Create Stuff Additions in your modpack.


Old Description (before v2.0.0) :

⛽To fuel your item, put it in your off-hand (by pressing F while selected, for exemple), then put your fuel in your main-hand (coal, wood...) and presse Q to drop it


The new tools :

Nozzle Fan (Push entities around, so you can deflect arrows), Blaze Flame Thrower (Throw Fire) Brass Portable Drill (A multi-tool which mines very quickly but which cannot be enchanted) and Grapplin Whisk (Only 1.18.2)

The old/new create's tools :

Copper Tools, Zinc Tools and Brass Tools
Blazing Tools : Melt the block we break (Stone: Smooth Stone, Granite: Gabbro, Log: Charcoal...) and when you hit a mob it burns it. (Need to be craft with a mixer)
Gilded Quartz Tools : More efficient than diamond, have weak attack but great attack speed. (Need to be craft with mechanical crafter)
Shadow Steel Tools (Experience Tools on 1.18.2) : Have the same harvest level as iron but have a higher mining speed than gold. 

The Brass Jet Pack and the Brass Exoskeleton :

The jet-pack allows you to fly. The Brass Exoskeleton is a piece of armor that gives you an effect of strength or haste. (Need to be craft with mechanical crafter)
They use fuel (to recharge, put it in the second hand then drop the fuel like charcoal, blaze sticks or wood)

The copper, zinc, brass armor and Brass Moped :


Other Stuff :




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