Create : Stuff Additions

19,162 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 25, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

This mod is a addon for Create and it adds equipment made with different materials. It adds the old tools from "create 1.14.4" in 1.16.5, a copper equipment, a brass jetpack, a brass exoskeleton and a brass portable drill.


Initially this mod was created for the "Mechanical Life" french minecraft server (which will open soon) and then published on the curseforge platform. This mod was done with Mcreator.


New tools :

The old create's tools :

Blazing Tools : Melt the block we break (Stone: Smooth Stone, Granite: Gabbro, Log: Charcoal...) and when you hit a mob it burns it.
Gilded Quartz Tools : More efficient than diamond, have weak attack but great attack speed.
Shadow Steel Tools : Have the same harvest level as iron but have a h
igher mining speed than gold.

The Brass Portable Drill :

The Brass Jet Pack and the Brass Exoskeleton :

The jet-pack allows you to fly and go faster underwater, it loses durability with use.


The Brass Exoskeleton is a piece of armor that gives you an effect of strength and haste but in return lowers your food bar faster.

The copper armor :

Copper armor is low end armor, it repairs itself with honeycombs and is of little use. (For the moment)


You can put this mod in your modpack.


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