Advanced Peripherals

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Advanced Peripherals is a mod that adds many useful extensions for CC:Tweaked(Computercraft).
The mod aims to add features that were available in older minecraft versions of mods like PeripheralsPlusOne.
With Advanced Peripherals, you can control your base in
Minecraft only with messages in the chat, you can develop an
program that controls your farms, you have no limits what
you can create with CC:Tweaked(Computercraft) and Advanced Peripherals.


If you want to support me, you can do that on Patreon. But every kind of support motivates me!

If you need help, join the Discord.

If you have a suggestion or found an issue, create a feature request on GitHub.

Advanced Peripherals is a mod with a ton of features.
Take a look at our documentation for the full list.

Documentation for everything:

The list with planned features is big. You can see some(not all) features here: Github
If you have suggestions, you can also suggest them here.

Feel free to create a video about this mod.

A older sneak peek video about the chunky turtle.

0.7r Changelog


We have a bunch of examples of our features with simple scripts. Take a look at the documentation to see them

For the full documentation, you can visit

You can use this mod in any modpack, if you want.


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