Powah! (Rearchitected)


Powah! (Rearchitected)

This is the 1.18+ Forge and Fabric port of Powah!, originally made by owmii for Forge 1.14-1.16. The license is LGPL and owmii has been MIA since 2021, so I decided to pick up the mod.

Join the AE2 discord server for discussion, in the #powah channel!

Requires Architectury API and Cloth Config! (And Fabric API on Fabric)

Note: The port is still in alpha, and I am going to be tweaking more energy values and recipes over time to make the mod more aligned overall with the Forge and Fabric Energy ecosystems.

To generate energy, Powah! adds Furnators, Magmators, Solar Panels, Thermo Generators, and of course the Reactor multiblocks! reactor in world reactor GUI

Powah! also adds the classic Energy Cables and Energy Cells, but also cool and unique mechanics such as the upgradable Ender Network, Player Transmitters, the Energizing crafting system, and a bunch of cool gadgets and items such as the Charged Snowball!

For a good explanation of the mod's content, please have a look at the Manual.