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Do you like exploring new worlds? Putting together mechanisms and machines? Or maybe you like farming, building, or magic! Maybe you like a bit of it all! Then we'd say Evulgations is the modpack for you! We've worked hard to bring all the features you'd want in a modpack. Divulgate through our many worlds through portals or you can even travel to space to explore! We've worked hard to provide you with over 300 biomes to explore providing you with endless adventures. Evulgations is a fun modpack to play with your friends and is essentially the 1.18.2 version of the 1.12.2 Divuglations Modpack! Our modpack has a bit of it all including beautiful terrains, dimensions, and dungeons created just for you! What mods might you ask make this possible? With vast collection of mods including, Tinkers Construct, Botania, Applied Energistics, RFTools, and Blue Skies and many, many, more as the list is boundless! If you ever feel like we've missed something, be sure to let us know and we'll work hard to bring it to you!


Get your own server to play on!

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"Our modpack is able to run on a computer with only 8GB. We've worked hard to optimize it to only require 3GB of memory.
We recommend you dedicate 4-5GB of memory for the best experience!"

 Everbright // Everdawn // The Deep Dark // Planet Menelaus // Planet Tryros // Aroma1997s Dimensional World

❄️ Everbright

The Everbright is a realm of eternal day and frigid cold. Home to large beasts and ethereal mobs, you’ll need to keep an eye on your back as you traverse through this world. Be sure to watch out for snow storms that bring thick fog and more enemies than usual. As you explore, you’ll encounter the Summoner’s Blinding Dungeon and the new Nature Dungeon, home of the Starlit Crusher.


🌅 Everdawn

The Everdawn has its sun forever rising. With this being a much more humid and warm world, insects and reptiles flourish. Before entering, it’s worth preparing for poison and fire as many parts of this world may inflict those on you. Venture across this diverse landscape to uncover the Alchemist’s Blinding Dungeon and then the new Poison Dungeon, lair of the Arachnarch.


The Deep Dark

The Deep Dark is an endless cavern. Massive, irregularly-spaced columns support a cavern roof from which giant stalactites hang; poised over the barren wasteland of cobblestone like tectonic Swords of Damocles. Monsters of all shapes and sizes roam the wasteland and an invisible, bodiless horror stalks the darkness. Below the cobblestone cavern floor, amongst the caves and tunnels, nature's bounty awaits the well-prepared adventurer.

You can find a lot TC6 crystals in Deep Dark (EU2) dimension. :  r/feedthebeast


The Planet Menelaus

Sore into the skies with a rocket? Maybe you should visit Planet Menelaus!Menelaus

Planet Tyros

Take to the skies and explore Planet Tryros!


Aroma1997s Dimensional World

 We have included Aroma1997s Dimensional World so you can utilize you quaries in a world designed just for them!



📖 Dungeons - Meet the Bosses!

Blue Skies is home to various bosses found within their respective dungeons. These bosses are designed for players looking for a challenge, so be sure to come prepared. If you find a dungeon that has already been conquered, attempting to activate the keystone will unlock trades with the Gatekeeper, allowing you to purchase the needed keys.

The bosses have been designed with multiplayer in mind, scaling up in difficulty with more players. Grab your friends and open the door to an epic battle!

Once you’ve defeated a boss, you may respawn it with the arc item obtained from it by using the arc on the keystone. Doing so will spawn the boss at a higher difficulty, which may result in better loot.

The Summoner and the Alchemist, rulers of the towers of both dimensions!

The two Blinding Dungeons found between both dimensions are home to the Summoner and the Alchemist. These bosses were balanced with mid-tier armor and weapons in mind, allowing for an early combat experience should you accept the challenge.

Residing in the Everbright, the Summoner fights with lightning, energy attacks, and his golem guards. Be sure to watch your back as these golems can quickly overwhelm you if not properly tended to. Defeating him will allow you to access the Nature Dungeon.

Found in the Everdawn, the Alchemist uses potions and physical constructs to fight. Many of his attacks can be predicted by looking out for visual queues, but missing those queues may result in heavy damage. Once defeated, you’ll gain access to the Poison Dungeon.

Blinding Towers

Meet the Starlit Crusher, the boss of the Nature Dungeon!

The Nature Dungeon is a massive labyrinth consisting of 4 floors. Each floor contains one of the required keys and a staircase up to the next floor. Be sure to check every nook and cranny and to not be overrun by the Stonlets living within.

Resting at the top of the Nature Dungeon, you’ll be met face to face with the Starlit Crusher. This sentient tree may not move much, but makes up for it by rooting into the ground to produce wide area attacks from below and enough brutal strength to cause the ground itself to shake. Seeing as it’s still a tree, axes deal far more damage against it and are required to bypass its defenses. Look out for opportunities to stun it with a spear for an opening to attack.

Nature Dungeon

The Arachnarch, the boss of the Poison Dungeon!

The Poison Dungeon is a large maze buried beneath the surface. On the surface, you’ll find a large, hollowed, maple tree covered in cobwebs. Made of 4 floors, you’ll need to find the key on each one and then descend to the next. Be sure not to lose your way in the spiders’ nest.

Lurking in the lowest depths of the Poison Dungeon, you’ll find the Arachnarch in her lair. This venomous foe lunges at targets and sprays poison from the ceiling above. Being the queen of this nest, expect reinforcements to come crawling from the walls. With such an aggressive method of attacking, you may be able to stun her when she lunges by blocking with your shield.

Poison Dungeon


Aroma1997s Dimensional World (by Aroma1997)






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