Solar Generation

450,732 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 28, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.1

First look

This mod allows you to generate FE from the sun.

Ingots necessary for recipes:
nuggetSteel, nuggetLead, nuggetInvar, nuggetElectrum, nuggetSignalum, nuggetEnderium, nuggetLumium, nuggetPlatinum


Since many ask me, "Why don't I see the recipes about JEI?". The answer is simple, the recipes use the oredictionary, this means that they accept all the minerals that add the other mods. So if you don't see the recipes, it means you don't have any mods that make this crafting possible. Since 1.14 / 1.15 are young versions, there are still no mods like thermal, immersive etc ..., for now I recommend Silent's Mechanisms, then if you find others free to use those.


Solar Panel energy production

Leadstone Solar Panel/Solar Helmet

Generation: 1 FE/t

Transfer: 2 FE/t

Capacity: 1.000 FE

Hardened Solar Panel/Solar Helmet

Generation: 8 FE/t

Transfer: 16 FE/t

Capacity: 8.000 FE

Redstone Solar Panel/Solar Helmet

Generation: 64 FE/t

Transfer: 128 FE/t

Capacity: 64.000 FE

Signalum Solar Panel/Solar Helmet

Generation: 512 FE/t

Transfer: 1.024 FE/t

Capacity: 512.000 FE

Resonant Solar Panel/Solar Helmet

Generation: 4.096 FE/t

Transfer: 8.192 FE/t

Capacity: 4.096.000 FE

Advanced Solar Panel/Solar Helmet

Generation: 32.768 FE/t

Transfer: 65.536 FE/t

Capacity: 32.768.000 FE

Ultimate Solar Panel/Solar Helmet

Generation: 262.144 FE/t

Transfer: 524.288 FE/t

Capacity: 262.144.000 FE


Feel free to use this mod on your modpack


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