Solar Generation

15,700 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 2, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

First look

This mod allows you to generate FE from the sun. I kindly ask you to report all the bugs you find on the GitHub page, perhaps even with some improvement to the code.

Solar Generation for Minecraft 1.14.4

I recommend using the mod silent's mechanisms to have all the ores available to craft all the items on the mod.


Ingots necessary for recipes:
nuggetSteel, nuggetLead, nuggetInvar, nuggetElectrum, nuggetSignalum, nuggetEnderium, nuggetLumium, nuggetPlatinum


Solar Panel energy production

Leadstone Solar Panel/Solar Helmet

Generation: 1 FE/t

Transfer: 2 FE/t

Capacity: 1.000 FE

Hardened Solar Panel/Solar Helmet

Generation: 8 FE/t

Transfer: 16 FE/t

Capacity: 8.000 FE

Redstone Solar Panel/Solar Helmet

Generation: 64 FE/t

Transfer: 128 FE/t

Capacity: 64.000 FE

Signalum Solar Panel/Solar Helmet

Generation: 512 FE/t

Transfer: 1.024 FE/t

Capacity: 512.000 FE

Resonant Solar Panel/Solar Helmet

Generation: 4.096 FE/t

Transfer: 8.192 FE/t

Capacity: 4.096.000 FE

Advanced Solar Panel/Solar Helmet

Generation: 32.768 FE/t

Transfer: 65.536 FE/t

Capacity: 32.768.000 FE

Ultimate Solar Panel/Solar Helmet

Generation: 262.144 FE/t

Transfer: 524.288 FE/t

Capacity: 262.144.000 FE


Feel free to use this mod on your modpack


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