Iron Furnaces [FORGE]

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Inspired by cpw's Iron Chests mod, adds a few different tiers of furnace.



Maximize smelting efficiency with unparalleled speed, reconfigurable sides, augments for smoking and blasting, and much more.


Can you craft the Rainbow Furnace and unlock its POWER?


Got any questions? Read the Wiki!


Version Status

1.20.x: Active Development


Fabric: Iron Furnaces [FABRIC]


Iron Furnaces should be compatible with most mods. 

It has explicit compatibility with JEI and Project MMO.


The textures used from the Thermal Series are used with CoFH permission.


Change log: https://github.com/Qelifern/IronFurnaces/blob/1.19.3/ifchangelog.txt


This mod is open source, and may be modified and used in any project so long as you conform to the GNU General Public License v3.0.