Industrial Agriculture



This mod is an add-on for the Mystical Agriculture mod. It adds seeds/crops/essences for other mods resources. Check below for a list of all additions for each mod supported.

This new adds some new items called Seed Bags. There are 6 tiers, each tier holds the same amount of seeds However, each tier can only hold that tier seed. For example, the tier 1 bag, can only hold tier 1 seeds, the tier 4 bag can only hold tier 4 seeds.




As of version 1.6 the mods will be able to configured to have cruxes required for the seeds to grow, also the tiers of seeds in the config can now go up to SIX. If you don't have Mystical Agraditions, then it will be tier 5 instead.


Updated 1.6.7 adds the ability to add cruxes to the crops from Mystical Agriculture. On the first load, it takes all the crops in the registry and adds a entry to the crux map. from there you can add the crux and reload Minecraft. 


All mods of version 1.6 will no longer work with 1.5. You will need to update all parts!

To add a crux to a seed, you put the block name (ie "minecraft:stone" or "modid:blockname" into the CRUX MAP not into the TIER MAP)

As of version 1.5.0 the mod will be split into modules. Each module will add compatibilities between a mod and mystical agriculture. This change is mainly due to having superior functionality to the previous versions. Every day or two I will be adding another module for support. Starting with the larger mods and working down.

For all versions the core version is required. If you have any suggestion on mod additions, or changes to content feel free to let me know. 


Interested in helping?

I am looking for at least one person to assist with the textures. I am not the best at making them, and the textures I make are mostly just so that the items and blocks arnt black and pink. If you are interested in helping, then feel free to send me a message.



Additional mod support can be found below under Mod Compatibilities.
1/11/20 - Added Silents Mechanisms plugin.
1/13/20 - Added Botania plugin.
1/15/20 - Added another year to my age.
1/18/20 - Added Omega Craft plugin, It was delayed due to me getting sick the past few days.
1/21/20 - Omega Craft plugin finally approved and is now available for download.
1/30/20 - No longer sick, updated the core mod to 1.15.2, and added support for the Mekanism mod for 1.15.2 (Its not out for 1.14)
2/26/20 - Updated Silent's Mechanism plugin to 1.15.2
3/04/20 - Updated all mods to v1.6.0 and added support for Cruxes and Tier 6 Essences for all crops
3/04/20 - Added support for Gobber (1.14 & 1.15) and Industrial Foregoing (1.14 & 1.15)
3/07/20 - Updated a few versions of the plugins to 1.6.1.
3/12/20 - Added support for Silent's Gems, and updated the core to 1.6.6
5/13/20 - Added support for Powah!
6/26/20 - Updated mod to 1.8.0


Mod Compatibilities:

Below is the list of mods that are supported. Each mod will require its own plugin, and you can click the name of the mod to take you to the plugin for it. If you want support for a mod that is not listed, please leave a comment, and I will get to it asap.


Supported Entities:

This is a list of all entities that are supported by this mod.




Bat Prudentium
Cat Prudentium
Fox Prudentium
Panda Prudentium
Parrot Prudentium
Wolf Prudentium
Dolphin Tertium
Horse Tertium
Drowned Tertium
Guardian Tertium
Husk Tertium
Llama Tertium
Polar Bear Tertium
Silverfish Tertium
Stray Tertium
Turtle Tertium
Vex Tertium
Witch Tertium
Zombie Pigman       Tertium
Endermite Imperium
Magma Cube Imperium
Mooshroom Imperium
Phantom Imperium
Pillager Imperium
Ravager Imperium
Shulker Imperium
Villager Imperium
Vindicator Imperium
Fox Supremium
Envoker Supremium

This contains a list of mods that have specific resources that are not tagged, and are only added from these specific mods.

If you have any additional mods/suggestions please leave a comment, and I will add them if possible.


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