Quantum Quarry Plus

157,606 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 20, 2022 Game Version: 1.16.5   +5

Quantum Quarry Plus adds a Quantum Quarry to your Game. But what's a "Quantum Quarry"? The Answer: A Machine that teleports/mines blocks from a parralel inaccessable dimension to the machines inventory! It uses a lot of energy (20.000FE/t) to do that as fast as possible (Fastest 1Block/tick or 20Blocks/Second). You don't want materials like Stone: Simply install a filter upgrade! With this item you can blacklist/whitelist items for the quarry! You want the lava that is not teleported as block: Simply install a Pump Upgrade which pumps Lava to your quarry! In the Future a Ore Quarry and a Tag Upgrade are planned!


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  • Quantum Quarry Plus
  • Quarry Frame
  • Ender Obsidian
  • Ender Cell
  • Creative Energy Cell
  • Upgrade Base
  • Filter Upgrade
  • Pump Upgrade
  • Earth Orb (Switch Dim to Overworld)
  • Nether Orb (Switch Dim to Nether)
  • End Orb (Switch Dim to End)


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