Trading Post [Forge]

1,040,563 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 17, 2021 Game Version: 1.18.1   +2

📖 About:

Trading Post adds one simple block, which when used allows you to trade with all villagers in a configurable area at once. The table looks really fancy and includes a neat animation!

📷 Media:

A trading post ready to be used    Trading post screen with many trades
The screen supports searching for trades    Crafting a trading post

💡 FAQ:

Q: How do I configure this mod?
A: Install my Config Menus for Forge mod and do it directly in-game!

🏆 Credits:

Developing Trading Post was helped and inspired by:

  • RWTema for inspiring this mod from the trading post block found in old versions of their Extra Utilities mod
  • Vazkii for the floating emerald rendering code taken from their Quark mod




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