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Slightly Cinnamon Flavoured

This modpack has the same goals as my "Slightly Vanilla Flavoured" modpack:

  • Mods with good textures that fit the Vanilla style
  • Mods that does not render Vanilla Items useless
  • Mods that makes the gameplay harder
  • Mods that makes the gameplay more rewarding
  • Mods that extend the exploration aspects of Minecraft
  • If a mod does not add anything new, useful or unique to the game, it will not be added to keep the pack relatively lightweight

But adds one new rule for mods to be added:

  • If the mod extends the gameplay in a significantly fun way, even though it does not necessarily feel vanilla, it will be added

(This means that I will add fun mods that would not fit in my other modpack)



New exciting things to find! New ores and structures!







Beautiful sights!


Some few examples of what this modpack offer:

Innovative tech mods!

New dungeons to explore, and hard challenges to overcome!

A Toolbelt to quickly stock and change between tools!

An endgame vest that gives you double jump at the cost of potential fall damage

New ways to navigate your world! You can now wall-jump, and grab edges! And with an enchanment you can now even dash around!

Much tougher mobs and more treaths!

A beautiful new Overworld to explore!

A new reason to explore the depths of the oceans!

The End now has biomes!

Many quality of life improvements!


Fantastic Let's Play of the pack!


Progression and challenges!

Press "L" to have a look at the all new advancements! Useful for guiding you trough some of the new mods, this will keep you busy!



Just some of the mods this modpack includes:

Immersive Engineering

Applied Energistics 2


Biomes O' Plenty

Oh The Biomes You'll Go

Serene Seasons


The Endergetic Expansion

Upgrade Aquatic

Tool Belt




Full modlist for 1.16.5:




How to download in 2 steps!

1. Use the Twitch Launcher

2. Download it from there




Q: How hard is this pack?

A: Mobs do 2x damage, and I add mods that makes Minecraft harder, like harder mobs and mini-bosses. If you want an easier experience, set your difficulty level down or remove the mod “Altered Damage”!


Q: Can you add X mod to the pack?

A: The best place to ask for mod suggestions is the Discord’s "mod suggestions" page! I am pretty strict and follow the “SVF's vision” bullet points very closely! I tend to reject a lot of mod suggestions, even though many of the mods are great. I LOVE getting mod suggestions from you guys! 😊 (Also, do keep the suggestions to a sensible amount!)
I do my best to make this pack feel as focused as I can make it!
As they say: Less is more!


Q: I found a bug!

A: Thank you for telling me about it! The best place to share bugs is on my Discord, as there I can more quickly ask more questions if I need to!


Q: Can I stream this pack / make videos with this pack?

A: Yes, feel free! I would also looove to see it if you want to share it! 😁


Q: Do you have a server file?

A: As I am 1 person and can’t spend as much time as I would like making things like server files for each release. I am sorry for that, but I try my best to give you 3 options!

  1. The simplest:
    We have an official server to play on! IP:
    If you travel a bit from spawn it feels like playing on a private survival server!

  2. The second simplest: The amazing people at BisectHosting has automatic set-up of my pack on their server hosting! It costs a bit of money though (Use the code "ramoddi" to save 25% off the first month!). It’s dead simple and they have 24/7 support! Every time I have been stuck or had questions, I have contacted them, and their help is fantastic!

  3. The least simplest: Making the server pack yourself! I recommend googling “how to make a server pack minecraft”, as that has helped people figuring it out in the past!

The best way to get the mod-.jars and configs is to download the modpack from the Twitch Launcher, and open the folder from the settings there! There you will find the "mods" folder and the "config" folder.

We have a helpful Discord where you can ask for help!





Slightly Cinnamon is now sponsored by BisectHosting! 😁

If you want to make a server of your own, you can use code "ramoddi" to save 25% off your first month!

They make it super simple, and they support modpacks, mine included! (I recommend a plan with at least 4gb RAM for my modpack)

Making a Slightly Cinnamon Flavoured server with them is super easy! 😊


I highly recommend them! They have 24/7 support, and have helped me whenever I have had questions or wanted help!
Here is the link to their site!






We have a Discord!

If you have something to discuss or suggest, or if you want to participate in the server, this is the place!

Just remember that the channels called "cin-channelname" are the ones for Slightly Cinnamon Flavoured



(Discord logo is clickable!)






Check out my other modpack! Slightly Vanilla is more vanilla feeling, lighter and updates more often!

Slightly Vanilla Flavoured!