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is a small mod that adds more than 25 relics to the game (unexpectedly, right?) with unique and useful mechanics that can help both in battles against hordes of monsters and in peaceful farmer or miner life. All relics from this mod are generated in the dungeon appropriate for them: some are generated only in the desert pyramid, others only in the abandoned mine shaft, and some can be found only in the house of the village farmer or hunter. This mod differs from others in its super-flexible customizability and adaptability for your modpack. Through the main configuration file you can customize absolutely everything: from the chances of generation in loot chests, and ending with the all characteristics of relics.





SSKirillSS - Lead developer, Translator (Russian)
julewernvvp - Artist
Vebste - Bug hunter
isKONSTANTIN - Bug hunter, but in code :P
Mikeliro - Translator (Portuguese)
Pela Sarmi - Translator (Spanish)
상덩 - Translator (Korean)
das_ - Translator (German)
qsefthuopq - Translator (Chinese)
Axeloth - Translator (Mexican)
Pancakes0228 - Translator (Taiwanese)
yiner233 - Translator (Chinese)
Guarda_panda - Translator (Portuguese)
Azazaz - Translator (Estonian)
dieKartoffel - Translator (Ukrainian, Dutch)



Q: How to use ingots/scraps/etc?
A: All ingots, scraps, and other materials, like blank runes or chalks, are creative only useless items. You can use these items in custom recipes if you want, but note that these items may be removed in the recent updates for 1.18.x
Q: What is relic contracts for?
A: Relic contracts - simple multiplayer mechanic to "soulbind" any item. Bounded item cannot be used by other players. To create relic contract, just place coal parchment n the bloody lectern and click with bloody feather until the recipe will be finished. To bind an item, just combine it with contract in crafting grid. All contracts works only for next one hour atm. Then you will need to attach another contract
Q: How to use runes and runic altar?
A: You can get a list of available recipes via JEI. Runic altar have 4 slots for runes on each side and one big plate for relic on the top. Just place all JEI says and drop what altar asks for. This is a long and ugly process, so it will be redone in recent 1.18.x updates
Q: How to repair relics?
A: Place relic on top of runic anvil and smash it with runic hammer. Make sure you have some exp for it.

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