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NOTE: Since 1.20.1 mod requires OctoLib to work!
Reliсs is an easy-to-install drag-n-drop mod that adds dozens of unique items with complex and thoughtful mechanics. The true potential of each relic can be unlocked both when used alone, and in combination with other relics or even mods. When creating each relic, we took into account that modpack will not consist only of our mod, therefore the mod balance is automatically adjusted to the needs of the modpack, which makes Relics fits perfectly both in the vanilla-like modpack and modpack, where the numbers of health and damage is in the thousands.
Minecraft is not endless, sooner or later all game content ends and player has to entertain himself. We took this aspect into account and tried to make Relics’s experience as fun as possible for a long time. Thanks to our leveling system and random stats, each relic will not look like another. The player is free to choose what he wants from the relic, generating a virtually unlimited number of combinations of relic sets.
With this mod you get:
◈ 28 relics with unique and complex mechanics. Catch them all!
◈ An MMO-like system of random stats. Find the best relics, or recreate them with your own hands!
◈ Improvements and customizations for your relics. Create your own invincible combinations!
◈ Progressive active ability system. Show off all your micro-controlling skills!

SSKirillSS - Manager, Developer
  • Discord: sskirillss
  • Telegram: @SSKirillSS
julewernvvp - Artist
  • Discord: julewern
  • Sketchfab: LINK
Vebste - Tester
  • Discord: vebste.

Q: What about port to Fabric/Quilt?
A: Currently, port is not planned. But it's still possible when Relics goes into "finished phase" if I don't lose interest in it.
Q: What about port to other version of MC?
A: Every port to a new version of MC comes with a major update of Relics, since it often contains some fundamental change to the mod. I’ll start porting to a newer version of the game as soon as all the content of the current update is released to the public. As for older versions - no, there will be no backports.
Q: Can you add a guide-book or something?
A: I don’t like a concept of the guidebooks. So, no, It’s not planned. But you can add it by yourself to your modpack or just make a public wiki if you want.
Q: Will content of Relics from newer MC versions be ported to older ones?
A: Nope. New content will be added only for the newest MC version Relics staying on. All other version is in “bugfixes only” state.
Q: May I make an addons for Relics?
A: You can, but… I would not recommend doing this now. Simply because Relics’s API is still unstable and changes very often. The best solution would be to wait until the situation stabilizes.
Q: Can I create a public fork/legacy version of your mod?
A: Nope, you can’t. But in case you want it for PRIVATE use (I mean play with friends or something, without publishing to CF or other resources) - you can do it.
Q: Can I use your mod in the modpack?
A: Yea, use it if you want.
Q: Can I repost your mod to other site?
A: Nope, you can’t.
Q: Can I use your code as reference for my mod?
A: Despite the fact that the mod's license is ARR, you can use Relics’s code as reference. But, please, don’t just do plain Ctrl+C → Ctrl+V.
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NOTE: Mod description is relevant only for 1.19.2 MC version and higher!