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This mod is still work in progress, and feedback regarding the balancing of the range or the structures base blocks is highly requested


The brazier is a multiblock structure similar to the beacon or the conduit, enabling players to prevent mob spawns in a certain radius around it.

This is to solve the problem with players having to always light up their builds on the cost of style/simplicity. 

Spooky castles with moody lighting no longer require you to actually be scared of it or having to move into a mushroom biome.




The structure is a tower-like build made out of any of the bottom blocks. Each level of the tower expands the range of effect by 10 blocks, with a maximum height of 10.

These values are customizable in the config file.


By lighting a torch on the brazier, you get a living torch. Holding it, you are able to see the outline of the area the brazier covers.


Tower base blocks


To enable mob farms, players can place them above (if the config option "protectAbove" is not set), or use cursed ash.

Cursed ash is a placeable powder which bypasses brazier protection. It is crafted using ash, which is dropped by wither skeletons and warped netherwarts, which are a rare drop when harvesting netherwarts.




There are two ways the brazier is crafted using a Living Flame.

Crafting recipe


This rare item is aquired either by finding it in a jungle temple or killing a Crazed Illager in a Mansion.

Both of these ways can be disabled separately in the config.


Jungle temple loot


The Crazed is a mage similar to the vindicator. They are able to use two spells, one applying fire resistance to all foes nearby, the other summoning a green flame dealing fire damage.

They are only spawned on generation of a woodland mansion, like the Vindicator, but contrary to them they will not spawn in raids.


Crazed pillager standingCrazed pillager attacking




Apart from a client and a server config file, there are some things which can be manipulated by datapacks



Contains the blocks which can be used to build the tower base


By default all hostile non-boss mobs are prevented to spawn



Mods with these tags will not be prevented by the brazier



Mods with these tags will be prevented by the brazier, even if they are contained in the whitelist or are boss mods