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New Elysium

New Elysium is a semi-expert large 100% tech modpack focused on automation and transhumanism.

New Elysium isn't a kitchen sink modpack.

The pack has around 220 mods and benefits of a huge configuration to reduce item redundancy (no more 15 types of furnaces or 30 types of cables...), homogenize the recipes and the uses of the machines.

In addition, the pack has a complete overhaul of the appearance. Most of the menus are color changed, there is a custom loading screen with extra informations and a beautifull main menu with dynamics informations.

The pack is mainly influenced by the Celldweller's music, movies like Blade RunnerDune or Star Wars, the Neuromencer book and others Minecraft modpacks like GT New Horizons or FTB Interactions (without the grind obviously).

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New Elysium is currently in early development phase but it already has the following key points:

  • Huge appearance overhaul: main menu, loading screen, color and more...
  • Some recipes have already been modified, others are coming soon.
  • There probably won't be any mods being added or removed.

Main mods:

  • RTech;
  • Tinker's Construct;
  • Nuclearcraft;
  • Advanced Rocketry;
  • Techguns;
  • Applied Energetics;
  • RF Tools;
  • Draconic Evolution;
  • Industrial Foregoing.

Actually/Partially implemented:

  • Quest line and tutorials for most of the pack's features.
  • Custom crafts.
  • Interaction between mods.
  • Progression that doesn't require to use every mods. Disclaimer: some mods like NuclearCraft and Advanced Rocketry are mandatory.
  • Planetary system: 7 planets to discover with real feature on each of them.
  • From vanilla (no harsh early steps) to creative mod.
  • Dark theme.

Coming soon:

  • Quest line to learn mods and/or progress in your adventure.
  • Recipes overhaul, patchs and better progression.
  • Playable in peaceful mode.
  • Active Discord server.


New Elysium is compatible with Optifine and has been tested using BSL Shaders.

Due to it early development phase, New Elysium can have conflicts (recipes...) and harsh progression.
Feel free to join the Discord server to report bugs, issues and give feedbacks.