Compact Machines

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Compact Machines

Building things in small places!


CM4 - Beta 3

Compact Machines

These are the main component of this mod and they allow you to build complicated machine contraptions and hide them within a single Compact Machine block. Compact Machines have different sizes, so use the size that's appropriate for what you need. These sizes range from Tiny to Maximum.



Use these inside your Compact Machine room to create connections to the outside faces of your Compact Machine blocks. You can place them by right-clicking one of the wall blocks inside your Compact Machine with a Tunnel Tool. By right-clicking them again you can cycle through the outside faces it is connected to - The One Probe helps with that by showing the face as well.

No face can be connected to twice, which means you can place a total of six tunnels of a given type anywhere in your machine room.


Version Minecraft Version Released Support Support Ends
6.0 1.20.4 - - -
5.1 1.19.2 July 2022 -
5.0 1.19.2 July 2022 July 2022
4.5 1.18.2 July 2022 September 2022
4.4 1.18.2 July 2022 -
4.3 1.18.2 May 2022 -
4.2 1.18.2 April 2022 -
4.0-beta2 1.16.5 March 2021 July 2022
3.0.19-b278 1.12.2 May 2019 2021
2.0.1-b141 1.10.2 October 2017 2019
1.21 1.7.10 November 2015 2017

* Note - only the most recent versions are shown here for brevity.

Standard support policy is after a new version is released for the current Minecraft version, support for the previous version is dropped. If a new major Minecraft version is released and CM is updated, support for the previous major version is currently 45 days.


Modpack Usage

All of Compact Mods are free to use on modpacks. If you re-host the mod outside of Curseforge, please provide a link back to the mod page if your publishing platform supports it. Thank you!