AE2 Fluid Crafting Rework


This is a rework and port of ae2-fluid-craftingported with permission from phantamanta44!

AE2 Fluid Crafting Rework

Put fluids in the pattern!



AE2 autocrafting is amazing and everyone loves it, but it is always becoming painful when dealing with fluids.

You have to put fluids in a container or use a dummy item to write patterns with fluids.

That's because AE2 doesn't support fluid as valid crafting ingredients before 1.16, so it can't handle fluids directly.

However, it is changed now! With AE2 Fluid Crafting you can write patterns with fluids freely.

Your AE system can output and accept fluids like items without worrying about how to handle these fluid cells.



1.7.10: Any version of AE2(Both Official AE2 and GTNH edition AE2 works). Extra Cells isn't necessary.

1.12.2: Only support PAE2. You can use origin AE2FC if you are playing with official AE2. You can directly upgrade origin AE2FC in your old save.


More Info: Github Readme Page



  • You can directly code the fluid in fluid pattern terminal with fluid container.
  • Right clicking with fluid container in fluid pattern terminal can add the fluid amount in pattern.
  • An extend fluid terminal with 16 inputs and 4 outputs.
  • 'Multi amount' buttons also works on fluid amount.
  • Fix most crash or bugs with PAE2 in 1.12.2